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Custom Salon & Barber Robes

Quality robes are essentials for a salon, whether barber work robes or client gowns. Opentip's salon & barber robes are perfect for hairstylists, dog groomers, nail technicians, massage therapists, etc. Made of durable crinkled nylon, the robes can be easily wiping cleaned. You don't have to spend too much time cleaning the hair from our robes. What's more, we provide these quality robes at a surprisingly wholesale price. As a result, more and more salon runners choose Opentip to customize their own robes, with their brand logo.

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How It Works

Design online

Choose a customizable salon robe, then custom it by uploading your artwork with our powerful online design editor. If you don't have an artwork file, fell free to cantact us, our design team will provide free artwork design service for you.

Print & production

After you finish your design, we will take care of your order and handle the whole fulfillment process. Supported by multiple imprinting methods, we can transfer your logo or message onto the blank salon & barber robes as expected.

Same day pickup

Most of our printed products can be guaranteed to arrive at your door in one week. We also provide Rush Order Service for those customers needing orders to be decorated and shipped sooner than our normal turnaround.

Professional Customized Salon Robes

Are you looking for multi-functional barber robes, or comfortable client gowns? As a kind of salon essentials, most of salon owners prefer to design their own salon robes with the brand logo. Whether the robe is worn by a barber or a customer, the logo printed on the robe will leave a lasting impression.

A barber robe is commonly multi-functional. It usually has two or more pockets to give the barber access to a variety of tools. Also, it should be easy to use and clean, in order to save the barber's time in wearing and caring the robe. That is why most of barber robes are made of waterproof and chemical resistant fabric.

By contrast, robes for customers are simpler. A client robe is also regard as a cape, which can fits easily on every customer. A client robe should be suitable for any size, so it has an adjustable front closure. Similarly, most of client capes are made of waterproof, chemical resistant, lightweight and breathable fabric, which give the customer a comfortable feeling.

What Items Does a Hair Salon Need?

If you are willing to start up a hair salon, it is necessary to understand what kind of salon supplies you should prepare for it. The list isn't long, but every one of them is an essential item for the hair salon.

Shampoos & Conditioners

These are essential for shampoo. High quality shampoo and conditioner can effectively care for customers' hair quality. This is definitely a highlight for your hair salon.


Towels are an indispensable item in every hair salon. It's very useful. From shampooing to styling, your customers and stylists can't do without it.

Hairdressing Tools

From scissors, combs, brushes, to rollers, rods, a complete set of hairdressing tools is something that every hairstylist needs. A complete supply of hairdressing supplies can help barbers do their jobs more easily and give their customers the impression that they are very professional.

Hairstylist Work Uniforms

Be sure to get your stylist's work uniform tailored to fit, whether it's a salon apron, a T-shirt, or a coat. The right salon uniform can give your stylist easy access to tools and help your salon impress customers with a great brand.

Client Gown

Your client will certainly need a high-quality gown when they are doing their hair. The robe protects their clothes and skin from getting hair or hair dye. It is essential to optimize the customer experience.