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What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is a kind of decorating fabric for caps or shirts. It can be used to display the brand logo, message, team name on the surface of t-shirt products, and it's a common way to advertise brand info to the end-user. For apparel retailers, they need to know this craft and provide the right t-shirts for their customers. Embroidery is one of the main methods of decoration for a number of reasons. This art has become so sleek with the availability of high tech computerized machines. Finished products look so professional, durable, and hard-wearing. You can buy printable t-shirts wholesale and get them designed according to your style.

Opentip Embroidery Service Introduction

What Kind of T-shirts or Apparel Can be Embroidered?

Every kind of t-shirt can be embroidered with the exception of very thin t-shirts. The finished product is very hard-wearing, which makes it an easy selection for those garments which are laundered frequently. You can buy already manufactured blank t-shirts and get them embroidered. Embroidery is fast becoming the industry standard for dress-down corporate apparel as well as an upscale addition to employee uniforms, t-shirt designs, sports team uniforms, hoodies, company shirts and retail lines. Embroidery offers endless possibilities for creative textures, colors, and designs. This allows casual clothing to be integrated with your corporate identity.

Embroidered Areas of Hats

Especially for hats, here are various available custom areas for you.

Front Panel

Side & Back Panel


Fabric Strap

Types of Embroidery

There are two types of embroidery which are mostly followed.

Flat Snitch

Flat Snitch

As the name suggests a more level finished is achieved. It is done without crossing or looping the thread. This type of embroidery is mostly used in t-shirt printing. It results in a very hard-wearing design and can face frequent washing without any damage to the design.

3D Embroidery

3D Embroidery

Also known as 3D foam and 3D puff; this technique achieves a design raised from the surface by providing foam under the top stitch. You can get fonts or more basic shapes. This technique best suited for those garments which don't require a lot of washing, such as hats or polo shirts.

Types of Hat Patches

Laser Etched Leather Patches

Debossed Leather Patches

Embroidered Patches

Rubber Patches

Sublimated Patches

Woven Patches

Benefits of Embroidery

Here're a few reasons to use embroidery on t-shirts. Especially if you're a seller of t-shirts, this will tell you the importance of having a brand.

The first benefit of having embroidered t-shirts is the uniqueness. It gives the user a personalized experience. Users can select whichever design they want and you can provide versatile design options. Embroidery can be done on t-shirts, polo shirts, and trousers as well. Embroidered designs are very consistent and the resulting items tend to be of high quality. Ultimately, they perceive high monetary value.

Embroidered items are a great way to advertise your business and do branding. They’re walking advertisements and make loud statements wherever they go. Someone wearing a solid-colored T-shirt with a logo or design embroidered on it, imagine, the statement it will make. Especially, if that person will see someone else wearing the same t-shirt, it will automatically build your brand authority. It sends a message that they’re all like the same brand and they’ve something in common. Plus, they will have something to talk about meaning more mouth of words for your brand.

Quality embroidered design tends to be more durable. These designs are hard wearing and have the ability to face heavy laundering without the problem of color fading away. Stitching is usually tough and hard-wearing that makes the design more solid avoiding common wear and tear. You may have experienced it yourself a shirt to wear out even before the embroidered image does.

A most important aspect of a quality embroidered design is giving you a professional look and impression. It provides the cloth a perceived value of great quality and carefully designed. An embroidered design shirt will stand out in the crowd of blank t-shirts providing the shirt more professional look and good quality.