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Volunteer Vest

volunteer vest

The volunteer vest is the ideal item for the name you represent to stand out during all sorts of activities - volunteer work, social service, election events, campaigns, and so on. You can choose to have your name or design your own logo on the vest.

Featured Styles of Volunteer Work Vests

TOPTIE Volunteer Vest

Unisex Button Volunteer Vest

Material: 100% Polyester

Feature: V-neck, buttons, 2 pockets

TOPTIE Volunteer Vest

Unisex Zippered Volunteer Vest

Material: 100% Polyester

Feature: V-neck, zipper, 2 pockets

Custom Vests

safety vest

Vest Size & Fit Guide

safety vest

Step 1: Measure Your chest

Measure from the fullest part of the chest/bust with your arms down.

Keeping the measuring tape horizontal.

Step 2: Find Your Size

Most of our work vests can be customized. If you are not satisfied with the version, material and customized area, you can send us plate-making drawings. We will customize a unique volunteer vest for your company or organization.

What’s the Best Work Vest for Volunteers?

You might have seen a variety of volunteers, in community service, in charity activities, in the big or small exhibitions. All kinds of volunteers are active in every corner. They always stand out in a crowd, so you can spot them and ask them for help immediately. This is thanks to the work vests they are wearing.

Make Volunteers Visible with Hi-vis Work Vests

Color-coded volunteer vests make the volunteers visible in everywhere. Their work vests should be highly recognizable through bright color, printed with the company logo or the words "volunteer."

Choose Suitable Color

Different from construction safety vests, volunteer vests come in a variety of colors. They are usually solid colors. Red, blue, purple, pink, and green are all good choices. Bright-colored vests quickly distinguish volunteers from the rest.

What’s the best color of volunteer vests? It might depend on the type, location and size of the event. Many choose a color similar to the logo of the company hosting the event. This makes people recognize the volunteers immediately and is more likely to be associated with the company that is hosting the event. This is undoubtedly a kind of invisible brand promotion.

Reflective Trim of Vests

If volunteers need to work at night or in low-light conditions, reflective vests are best for them. Reflective stripes effectively increase their visibility in low-light conditions. Similar to construction workers, volunteers who work at night need adequate security. The high visibility afforded by reflective vests helps them avoid most accidental collisions.

Printed with Words & Logo

Nothing distinguishes a volunteer from the rest like the word "volunteer" printed on a volunteer vest. If you're worried that the hi-visibility of the vest isn't enough to tell people who volunteers are, you might want to print something simple and visible on the vest, including the company logo, the word "volunteer," or other message.

In addition, work vests printed with a uniform or logo can give volunteers a sense of belonging to the team. This helps the volunteers to work together. Therefore, more and more event holders prefer custom volunteer vests. Custom volunteer vest have become a kind of essential for all kinds of events.

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