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What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is the process that involves transferring a stenciled design onto a flat surface using a mesh screen, ink and a squeegee. Your design is printed onto a screen where ink is then forced through the small holes and onto the surface of your promo items. It is used in a huge range of industries across the globe to create custom clothing, canvasses, artwork, posters, and more.

imprint screen print

Why is Screen Printing Favored in Commercial Customization?

Screen printing is commonly used in the promotional products industry. First, it is best suited for high-volume orders, because it allows the printer to easily reproduce a design multiple times. You can produce hundreds of t-shirts with the same design at a blazing fast speed. This makes screen printing a very efficient technique for creating large batches of custom clothing for sports teams or work uniforms.

Sometimes screen printing isn’t enough by itself. Part of the magic of screen printing is the screen printing inks used. Specialty inks provide a unique print with effects that truly stand out, so your screen printed apparel can be customized even further with specialty inks. Opentip uses high-quality inks to give you vivid and bright colors on any fabrics, without worrying that the inks will quickly come off in the wash. We can screen print your design with several specialist inks, which can be used to create different effects on the finished products from T-shirt to bags to hats.

Screen Printing With Specialty Inks

Puff Ink

Glow in the Dark Ink

Glitter Ink

Metallic Inks

What's more, screen printing can be compatible with most fabrics and materials like metal, plastic, silicone, glass, cloth and so on. Screen printing is effective on darker fabrics too. We also take into account the type of fabric being screen printed, as some inks will work better on certain materials than others.