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How It Works

Design online

Choose a customizable sticker, then custom it by uploading your artwork with our powerful online design editor. If you don't have an artwork file, fell free to cantact us, our design team will provide free artwork design service for you.

Print & production

After you finish your design, we will take care of your order and handle the whole fulfillment process. Supported by multiple imprinting methods, we can transfer your logo or message onto the blank decals & stickers as expected.

Same day pickup

Most of our printed products can be guaranteed to arrive at your door in one week. We also provide Rush Order Service for those customers needing orders to be decorated and shipped sooner than our normal turnaround.

Custom Sticker Guide for You

Here you have the most comprehensive and affordable choice of custom stickers. But how can you choose the right sticker? Obviously, it depends on what you're going to use it for. Will you use them indoors or outdoors? Are these stickers disposable or for long-term use? These different dimensions of thinking will help you choose the most appropriate sticker material, size, shape, and pattern.

Material Paper Selection

Matte white adhesive paper is a smooth, matte paper. It is similar to printing paper, but has a sticky substrate. They are uncoated, which allows you to write on them with any pen or pencil. This material is very suitable for indoor products.

If you prefer a reflective sheen, opt for glossy white stickers. This material is also recommended for indoor use. But you can only write on the surface with ballpoint pen and permanent ink.

The surface of high gloss white adhesive paper is brighter. Gloss finishes provide additional protection against wear and scratches, and make the color more vibrant. High gloss white vinyl is waterproof, weather resistant and the most durable material. It can be used in more outdoor situations.

Roll, Sheet or Single Stickers

Commonly, the three common forms of stickers are also suitable for different situations. It all has to do with the number of custom stickers you need. In general, single stickers are suitable for a small amount of customization. If the number of stickers you need is less than 250, you can choose single stickers. Stickers that have been cropped will be easier to use. But if you need a lot of stickers, sticker rolls should be the best option. At least 100 stickers can be used in a sticker roll. When you need to use a lot of these stickers, a sticker roll will suffice.

Custom Design for Different Uses

You may need to customize your stickers for different situations, such as campaign stickers, retail stickers and sports stickers. If you want a professional-looking sticker, be sure to use high quality graphics in your sticker design. This is an important detail that will affect your brand image.

FAQ about Custom Stickers

1. How much does a custom item cost?

The cost of your custom items depends on type of item, quantity, logo, imprint color, and so on.

2. How can I get a quote?

Please check the quote online or send us an inquiry by mail.

3. How to send my artwork?

You can email your artwork to or directly upload your file online.

4. How soon will I receive my order?

In most cases, it takes roughly 1-2 weeks to have your products printed. And it takes 7-10 business days to ship via DHL global mail. If you have a deadline, please let us know then we will check if we can expedite.

5. I would like to customize the stickers in other sizes and shapes. Can you provide such stickers?

We can provide more size and shape of sticker customization service. Please contact to get more information.

6. I haven't decided what pattern to print yet. Can you offer some design references?

Yes. You can turn to our common used stickers list and find more custom ideas.

7. What's your return policy for custom items?

We cannot accept returns or exchanges of customized items. Please visit our terms of use for more information.