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Work Coveralls & Overalls

The work coveralls and overalls are the most commonly used work uniform for industrial workers. A high-quality work coveralls should be made of durable, breathable, lightweight fabrics. Good coveralls and overalls are often stain resistant for long-term use in factory and other work environments. Some coveralls also have multiple pockets that are wide enough for workers to access tools at all times. If workers need thick, heat-resistant or highly visible workwear, you can find them here, too.

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Features of Overalls & Coveralls

Overalls and coveralls are similar types of protective workwear, but there are a few key differences.

Overalls typically refer to bib overalls - the classic style with straps that go over the shoulders and a bib in front. Coveralls are jumpsuits that cover the whole body, including the arms. Coveralls provide more full-body protection.

Overalls are often made of lighter, more breathable materials like denim. Coveralls tend to be made of heavier, more durable fabrics suited for demanding work like canvas, polyester or ripstop materials.

Overalls usually have an open back, while most coveralls have an elasticized or drawstring waist to fully enclose the back. Some coveralls also have storm flaps or other closures over their zippers for added protection.

Overalls are a looser, more casual style and often worn for garden work, farm work or casual labor. Coveralls imply a more industrial purpose, like construction, painting, or auto repair.

Overalls typically only have pockets on the bib, while coveralls usually have multiple pockets on the chest, legs, and sleeves to hold tools and supplies.

Suspenders (straps) are optional on overalls but most coveralls do not have suspenders. Coveralls get their shape from the cut and closures alone.

So in summary, while overalls and coveralls are both protective workwear, coveralls tend to provide more full coverage, more technical fabrics, more pockets and a more utilitarian design for heavy-duty work. Overalls are a lighter, looser style for more casual jobs and environments.