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Wholesale Chef Uniforms

Opentip carries a large selection of high-quality chef clothing, including chef jackets, pants, caps and aprons. Our chef uniforms are not only durable enough to prevent you from stains and damage during cooking, but breathable enough to help you stay comfortable in a warm kitchen.

Additionally, these chef wears are customizable, which can be added with restaurant logo or message. Whether you are looking for chef clothes for women, men or children, you can find the suitable products you need.

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A Brief Guide to Chef Uniform

A top chef uniform should be professional, comfortable, resistant and easy to clean. Besides aesthetic design consideration, chef clothing need to protect chefs from many dangerous elements of the kitchen. A basic chef uniform consists of a chef jacket, chef pants, a chef hat, and a chef apron. If you are required to wear the full traditional uniform serving a specific purpose, a neckerchief, a pair of slip-resistant shoes -- and sometimes a hand towel -- cannot be left out of the ensemble.

Chef Coats

First and foremost, a chef coat is designed to keep the chef safe. It is made of high quality, thick cotton material, and to remain chefs and cooks free from heats or cuts around the kitchen. Today, although many professional kitchen employees honor tradition in wearing whites, black, gray, red and other colored jackets are becoming increasingly popular as well. You can browse our range of chef coats and jackets in the link.

Chef Pants

Our chef pants are made of high quality fabric, easy-care, durable and breathable. They also feature some pockets for your phone or other belongings, which makes your kitchen work easier when you are in kitchen all day.

Chef Hats

Apart from a chef coat, the chef hat ("toque blanche" in French) becomes a recognizable item in a chef’s uniform, which presents the profession image of chefs and indicates their rank. There are also a number of variations that chefs wear today, for example, some prefer a bouffant cap or use disposable food service hats to follow the uniform dress code some restaurants require. We supply chef hats to adults and children, from classic fully formed chef hats to unique beret restaurant hats.

Chef Aprons

Many chefs choose to wear an apron as an added protection against heat, flames and stains. Some chefs also prefer large pockets to store some essential tools they need as they cook. Opentip carries a variety of high quality chef aprons in different colors and styles for kitchen workers.

Custom Ideas for Chef Uniforms

Restaurant logo. Print the restaurant's logo prominently on the front of the chef coat, on the sleeves or the back. The logo prominently displays the chef's affiliation and also reinforces the restaurant's brand for guests. Similarly, print the logo on the front, side or back of chef hats.

Geometric shapes. Create an eye-catching pattern on chef coats using basic shapes like lines, squares, triangles and circles in the restaurant's color scheme. Simple geometric shapes make a bold statement when printed over the entire surface of the coat. For chef hats, stick to a geometric design around the base, since most of the surface area is pleated.

Ethnic prints. Use prints reflecting the restaurant's ethnic cuisine or theme like paisleys for Indian food, koi fish for Japanese or sugar skulls for Mexican. Ethnic prints highlight the menu's inspiration and also make for memorable custom chef wear. Chefs wearing the prints become an extension of the overall theme.

Food prints. Print chef coats and hats with images of featured menu items like chili peppers for a Mexican restaurant, olives and tomatoes for Italian or lobsters for seafood. Food prints deliver the restaurant's cuisine concept loud and clear. However, this style may look tacky if overdone.