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Wholesale Utility Workwear

Workers often need durable workwear. For some workers, work clothes are also supposed to protect the body. If you are looking for workwear for workers, the working environment is a crucial factor you must consider. Depending on the workers' needs, you can choose dirty-resistant, waterproof, heat-resistant or reflective work clothing. At Opentip, you'll find work uniforms with different features at competitive prices. Come here to pick out the perfect work clothes now. Our products won't let you down!

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Items in this category

Opentip's Collection of Utility Workwear

Coveralls & Overalls

High-quality work coveralls and overalls should be made of durable, breathable, lightweight fabrics. They provide protection from dusts and stains, featured with multiple useful pockets to make all the tools portable. Our all-purpose coveralls and overalls are perfect for mechanical work, construction, painting, gardening, security and any other kind of job. You can look good while staying safe with them on.

Men's Work Clothes & Women's Work Clothes

Shop work clothes and business attire for the job you need or you already have. Our collection features work shirts, pants, shorts and outwear with durable yet breathable materials, which are all designed to provide a professional appearance for men and women. Check out our selection of work uniforms and work attire for daily use!

Work Gloves

Our work gloves are available in varied materials and colors, including anti-impact and impact work gloves, insulated work gloves, leather work gloves, nitrile work gloves, nylon gloves, and more. In accordance with CE/ANSI/ISO standards, our gear offers comfort, durability and protection for professions in construction, welding or others.

Work Aprons

Work aprons still remain popular today as they can be a great help in protecting your clothing. They can even be customized to advertise your business or brand, which is great for business owners and can display a professional impression on customers. Opentip stocks many different work aprons to accommodate your needs, including Butcher Apron, Cobbler Apron, Bistro Apron, Bib Apron and Waist Apron, which are very easy and convenient to use as well as offer comfort and durability.