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Welcome to Opentip Grant Program

Despite challenges, your dedication in schools, hospitals, religious institutions, and community centers is undeniable. In your daily efforts for a better world, Opentip is here to support you. Our grant program awards up to $400 in free promotional products to organizations driving positive impact.

Choose from a diverse range of promotional items, customize with your own designs, and use them for fundraising, thanking volunteers, attracting donors, promoting your organization, and beyond. Let's make a difference together! Apply now to elevate your cause.

3 Steps to Granting a Donation

Product Selection

Explore our Donated Products List to find products that match your needs.

Application Submission

Complete and submit the application form at least one month in advance.

Stay Informed

Stay tuned to your email for updates on your application status and product details.

See Our Most Recent Recipients and Read Their Story

Event Image

Medical Mutts Service Dogs

Event Info: Dogs and Designers Purse Bingo on Thursday, May 16th

Opentip donated promotional pouches to bolster the admirable efforts of Medical Mutts Service Dogs. At the 'Medical Mutt's 2024 Dogs and Designers Purse Bingo' event, each of the 200 attendees received a custom pouch filled with delightful goodies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive information about the status of my organization's grant request?

You will receive your application's status notification via email within one month. Kindly keep an eye on your email inbox for updates.

How far in advance should I submit my application?

Please submit your application at least two months in advance. This ensures sufficient time for our review process and product preparation, allowing timely delivery.

What kinds of products are available for selection in donation requests?

Selection is limited to our specified products. Explore our Donated Products List to find products that align with your organization's needs.

Is there a limit to the frequency of donation applications from one organization?

Yes, each organization is eligible for one donation within a 12-month period.

Do I need to adhere to the minimum order quantity for products?

Yes, it is necessary to meet the minimum order quantity. If the required quantity falls below the minimum, consider selecting alternative products with lower minimum order quantities.

How often can I apply for a donation?

If your donation request is denied, you can resubmit your application after a six-month waiting period. In addition, organizations can only receive free promotional products once every 12 months.