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Find quality training hurdles at Opentip. We supply all kinds of training hurdle sets here. Our multi-height flex hurdles are always adapted to different hurdling training. Therefore, they are regarded as the most important equipment for hurdling athletes. Choose the most suitable one among these hurdles. We have a better discount for bulk orders.

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Find Standard Equipment for Track & Field Events

Are you looking for some equipment for your next track & field events? Come to Opentip. We can be the best helper for you. There is a large selection of equipment for almost all kinds of track & field sports. From track to field, from jumping to throwing, Opentip can give you the best support for your events.

While browsing the products at Opentip, you will be surprised that some of them can be customized with personalized logo, text or other artwork. Our meet equipment, such as batons and lap counters, can be easily added with some personalized artwork. Certainly, this equipment, with company or brand logo, will effectively help in your brand promotion. Connect with us and place order now. We have the best prices for your bulk purchase orders.