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Wholesale Blank & Custom Track Batons

Are you looking for some batons for track and field running? Come to Opentip. We supply different kinds of batons, with various materials, types, and colors. No matter what you need is aluminum, plastic or foam batons, there is always the one that meets your requirement. Opentip provides you with both blank and custom batons wholesale. If you are willing to make the batons unique, Opentip can be the most affordable choice for you. Our low price and custom service must satisfy you a lot. Browse the following items and enjoy shopping here.

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Find Custom Meet Equipment at Opentip

Are you willing to prepare some unique meet equipment for your next track & field events? There is no doubt that custom equipment with brand logo in a sports event can promote your brand efficiently. Spectators at the event, whether watching live or on television, will clearly see the logo on this equipment. Therefore, your brand will be more widely known, with the help of custom equipment.

Opentip supplies a large selection of custom meet equipment. You can find various products that can be add with your logo, such as batons, lap counters and competitor numbers. Connect us for professional customized services. What you need to do is just placing an order and uploading your brand logo. After that, we will help you design your personalized meet equipment.

Wondering more equipment for other sports events? Opentip also offers a large variety of other track & field equipment. From jumping equipment to throwing equipment, there is always the one that meets your requirement.

Custom Ideas for Personalized Batons

Team logo - Have your team logo printed or engraved on the batons. This helps clearly identify which batons belong to your team and builds team spirit. The logo can be printed on aluminum or plastic batons. Foam batons can be custom colored to match your team colors.

Team name - Print or engrave your full team name on the batons. For example, "Golden Eagles Track Club". This also makes it easy to identify your team's batons.

Custom numbering - Number each of your team's batons to correspond with each relay leg. For example, baton #1 for the first leg, #2 for the second leg, and so on. This helps ensure the correct batons are used for each leg of the relay.

Motivational text - Include inspirational or motivational text on your batons like "Run Fast!", "Go for Gold!" or the name of your school or organization. Custom text helps motivate your athletes during training and competition.

Grips - For plastic or aluminum batons, add custom grips to improve grip and make them unique to your team. Foam grips, rubber grips or grip tape can be customized in your team colors. Grips also make the batons more comfortable and secure to pass at high speed.