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  • How do I send my artwork?
    You can choose any one following
    1 Enter/Upload Artwork
    If placing an online order, you can enter or upload your artwork directly into your sales order. Or you can click the button Get Quote & Free Artwork then enter you art or logo and request free artwork proof.
    2 Email your Artwork
    You can e-mail your artwork to, also include imprint instructions and contact information so we may reach you if there are any problems with your art.
    3 Fax your Artwork to 781-570-4134
    If faxing your artwork, please enlarge your logo as big as possible for better reproduction.
    We accept Adobe Illustrator .eps, .ai, .pdf files or high resolution (300dpi or greater) jpegs. We will produce vector art from your letterhead, business card, computer-generated or faxed artwork.
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