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Safety Vests with Pockets

Besides keeping visible with bright safety vests, workers always need some portable tools at the job site. For surveyors, incident commanders, or traffic policemen, a safety vest with pockets can easily solve their problems. Opentip supplies various styles of safety vests with up to 9 pockets, which allow workers to individually carry their portable items, such as pens, notepads, cellphones, measure tools, etc. Safety vests with different numbers of pockets are also suitable for different work situations. Come to Opentip and find the suitable one here.

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Best Selling Pocket Vests

2 Pockets Safety Vests

These safety vests suit for most of workers. There are pockets on the left and right side of the vest, which can hold many portable tools. The vest can also be used as a volunteer uniform. They always need to carry something to help others when they are at work.

9 Pockets Safety Vests

Most of surveyors are required to carry various measure tools during working. As a result, their work vests should have as many pockets as possible that can be sorted into different types of tools. Opentip’s 9 pocket safety vests can easily solve this problem. Different pockets fit different tools, such as pens, notepads, ID cards and other measure tools.

Pre-Printed Safety Vests

Other Multi-Pockets Safety Vests

Items in this category

Custom Your Safety Vests with Pockets

You might need to custom a batch of safety vests with pockets. In addition to the high visibility, the vest has multiple pockets, which allows workers to carry different kinds of tools with them. Pocket safety vests can provide more space and storage than common safety vests. Up to nine pockets can be used on the Opentip’s vests. You can easily access survey tape, Badge and cell phone holder, or notepad while you work.

Our vests are allowed to be imprinted with personalized patterns, including company logo, message or text. We support screen printing on the vest front left chest and center back. You can choose your favor style and try to customize it online. Our quality products won’t let you down.

What’s Suitable for Workers?

You may be looking for such work vest for workers. It should be durable and breathable, because workers have to wear it for long hours every day. Its bright colors allow you to quickly pick out your workers in a crowd. Perhaps it could also have a hi-vis reflective tape that would make it easy to see the worker wearing it at all times, thus protecting the worker's life from traffic accidents. At the same time its design should not be too complicated, simple work vest is more economical and practical. Come to Opentip. There is always the most suitable one for your workers.

Volunteer Safety Vests

GOGO 2 pockets safety vest suits for most of common workers. Hi-vis volunteer safety vests make them stand out in the crowd. The large pockets can hold many portable tools, like a pen, notepad or cellphone. It is the best choice for construction workers, community service workers and social activity volunteers. They are always required to carry various tools when they are at work.

Surveyor Safety Vests

Surveyors are required to carry various measure tools during working. As a result, different from traditional safety vests, a surveyor safety vest should have multi-functional pockets, which are allowed to be filled with different kinds of measuring tools or surveyors' personal belongings. GOGO 9 pocket safety vests can easily solve this problem. Different pockets fit different tools, such as maps, pens, notepads, ID cards and other measure tools.

Pre-Printed Pocket Safety Vests

Pre-printed safety vests are perfect for lazy people. We have pre-printed the common text on these safety vests, like SECURITY, VOLUNTEER, VISITOR, etc. Such safety vests for workers can be easily purchased with one click.

Personalized Pocket Safety Vests

If you need more personalized printing, such as company logos, personalized text and patterns, our safety vest also supports personalized customization. Here are all kinds of customized reflective safety vests on sale. You can upload image or enter text in pre-defined area to create an identify safety vest with logo, according to your need. Connect us and design your own custom safety vests now.

FAQ about Custom Safety Vests

1. How much does a custom safety vest cost?

The cost of your custom vests depends on type of item, quantity, logo, imprint color, imprint location, and so on.

2. How can I get a quote?

Please check the quote online or send us an inquiry by mail.

3. How to send my artwork?

You can email your artwork to or directly upload your file online.

4. Is it possible to order a sample vest?

Yes, we're happy to send sample products to our customers. If you would like a pre-production sampling of your personal design, you need to contact us about your personalized requirement.

5. How soon will I receive my order?

In most cases, it takes roughly 5-7 business days to have your products printed. And it takes 7-10 business days to ship via DHL global mail. If you have a deadline, please let us know then we will check if we can expedite.

6. What imprint methods do you provide?

Screen printing / heat transfer vinyl / offset print.

7. What are the vests made of?

Our vests mostly made of lightweight and breathable fluorescent polyester fabric.

8. Will the design crack or fade if the vest is machine washed?

Yes. Please hand wash. NO machine.

9. Can I order different product colors with the same design?

Yes. Please let us know by mail if you have any questions when placing order online.

10. Is there a minimum order for vests?

There is no MOQ.

11. What's your return policy for custom items?

We cannot accept returns or exchanges of customized items. Please visit our terms of use for more information.

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