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Screen Printed Safety Vests

Opentip supplies a wide selection of screen printed safety vests. Whether you are considering pre-printed safety vests or personalized printed safety vests, Opentip will provide you with the most quality and affordable one.

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Who Need Hi-Vis Safety Vests?

Hi-vis safety vests are not only suitable for industrial or public safety workers, but also widely used by community workers or exhibition staff. They also need to stand out in crowded crowds or on busy streets, both for their safety and to be more visible to people in need. There is no doubt that wearing high visibility clothing can effectively protect them and improve their work efficiency.

Construction & Roadside Workers

According to MUTCD 2009, workers on roadways or construction sites are required to wear high visibility clothes when they are working. Because they are often exposed to public vehicle traffic or construction equipment, they must be easily seen by others to avoid an accidental hit on their job site. Such a hi-vis safety vest is one of the basic but essential safety gears for workers.

Workers prefer lightweight and durable safety vests, which can be well suited to workers working long hours. The construction or roadside workers often wear the safety vests in fluorescence color like lime green or bright orange. Such color contrasts sharply with the color of their working environment and makes them stand out.

Public Safety Workers

For traffic controllers and policemen, vehicles running at high speeds inevitably bring them great risk of traffic accidents. So they need high-visibility safety vests that allow them to be seen by drivers from a distance and avoid most traffic accidents in advance.

For incident commanders and responders, a hi-vis safety vest, worn as a uniform, helps them identify each other quickly in a crowd and improve collaboration of the whole team. Since public emergencies often occur on the roads, they need the same kind of safety protection as road workers. A hi-vis safety vest is perfect for this.

ANSI Hi-Vis Safety Vests

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has defined what features are required for safety vests in different job sites.

Type O Hi-Vis Safety Vests: If there are moving vehicles, equipment and machinery around workers, but the workers are far away the traffic, Type O (“off-road”) safety vests are the best option for workers. Type O safety vests, or ANSI Class 1 safety vests, are commonly prepared for non-roadway workers.

Type R Hi-Vis Safety Vests: Type R (“roadway”) safety vests are suitable for all kinds of roadway workers. This type of vests is often chosen for construction and transportation applications, because of the high presence of moving vehicles and equipment on the construction and transportation site.

Type P Hi-Vis Safety Vests: Type P (“public safety”) safety vests are designed for public safety use. They are perfect for incident responders and law enforcement personnel. In order to easily access some special portable equipment, these vests commonly have serval sizes of pockets.