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Common Use Labels & Stickers

Opentip supplies all kinds of common use labels & stickers. At Opentip, you can find a variety of pre-printed stickers designed for different occasions, such as retailing, sports meeting, voting and mailing. Select the suitable one for yourself now. These stickers are able to be customized with your own design as well.

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Which Feature of Stickers is Right for You?

You will find a large selection of stickers at Opentip. However, which one is best for you? You might have such a question. Commonly, stickers features on the material, size and shape. You're right to be concerned, because these distinctive stickers also work in different occasions.



Vinyl provides a slight bending or stretching of the material, making it easier to apply to flat and curved surfaces. It's also durable and smooth to the touch. The material is also waterproof and outdoor durable, and can be easily removed without leaving sticky residues or adhesives. So if you're not sure what you want, you'll most likely need vinyl stickers.

Heat-sensitive Paper

This material is widely used for custom stickers. It can be printed on the sticker Logo or advertising, is the first choice for promotional gift products. Heat-sensitive stickers can be stocked on ceramic, glass, refrigerators and some bottle quality.

Sizes & Shapes

The most appropriate sticker size varies for different types of use. For some of the most typical examples, the seal on a food package depends on the size of the package. Or if you think about it, the promotional stickers that are used at most events -- exhibitions, sports events, or elections -- are mostly 2" diameter round stickers. In general, circular stickers work better in more situations.

Round Stickers

The round shape is a very common shape. It gives us a sense of completeness and roundness. As a result, round stickers can be used for a variety of patterns. Like smiley face stickers and ball stickers, they seem to have been designed for round stickers. As decorations, round stickers can be used to decorate notebooks, blackboards, walls, and more. As a label, it can be attached to any bag, box or bottle. It's also the perfect seal sticker. Sealing food bags, such as cookie bags, sometimes requires only a round piece of 2" sticker.

Square & Rectangle Stickers

Imagine where you might see rectangular stickers. Barcode? Business card stickers? Name tags? Or a warning sign? You'll notice that these stickers are usually just text or have a blank space left for you to fill in manually. This is the most common use of rectangular stickers. The size of a rectangular sticker often depends on the size of the item on which the sticker is placed. So it doesn't have a particular size. Of course, we will also suggest which size of sticker you choose according to the use scenarios you provide.

Novelty Stickers & Custom Shapes

Want to design a sticker that's unique and different from everyone else? You can also find a wide variety of Alien stickers at Opentip. If you want to customize a custom shaped sticker, we can certainly meet your requirements. If you're going to customize some promotional stickers, a distinctive design will help your brand get noticed.