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School & Fun Stickers

If you are looking for some stickers for decoration or promotion use, these following stickers may be your best choice. Opentip provides such stickers printed with a variety of patterns, such as balls, smiley faces and letters. These stickers are great for many school activities, sports meeting and other recreational activities. Browse the following items and choose the most suitable one for you.

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Common Uses of Stickers at School

A sticker is a very small object. You can often find stickers in all shapes, sizes and patterns in your daily life. Obviously, different features of the stickers are suitable for different use scenarios. But it's impossible to list all the uses stickers have in our lives because there are so many. Here, we'll give you just a few examples of how stickers are commonly used at school.


Stickers are a very affordable accessory. Even small stickers as small as 1 inch wide can be attached to laptops, desktops and even walls. Various activities are often held in the school. Stickers are an affordable, easy to use and remove decoration that is a great choice when decorating an event location.


Do you think the promotion is far away from the school? Not really. Even in school, there are things that need to be promoted and advertised, such as recruiting for clubs, hosting parties, and volunteering. You need to make these events known to more people, so you need to do some promotion. You may need these stickers at this point. When used as a small label, a sticker can be conveyed over a very wide range. It's very cheap. On a limited budget, you can use these stickers to make your planned event known around the school.


You can often see stickers used in school as a reward. When teachers and students are teaching, the teacher will give a smiley face sticker or a flower sticker to the student for good performance. When students successfully complete their volunteer activities, they also receive a similar reward sticker, a badge they receive for successfully helping others.