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Blank/Custom Construction Safety Vests

Opentip provides quality safety vests for construction workers. These following vests are commonly in bright colors, such as orange, yellow and lime green. Also, there are some reflected straps on the construction safety vests. Wearing such safety vests, construction workers can be easily noticed on their job site, in day and night.

Add Your Logo Low Price Fast Delivery Bulk Discount Available

Add Your Logo on Safety Vests

Opentip's customized safety vest can be imprinted with your personalized pattern. According to your need, you can upload image or enter text in pre-defined area to create an identify safety vest with logo / company.

Items in this category

Necessary Safety Vests for Construction Workers

There is no doubt that reflective safety vests have become a kind of necessary custom construction products for workers. As a construction worker, everyone should wear right protection gear, including safety vests, work pants, hard hats and work gloves. Such required safety gear must be worn at all times during working. Most of accidents on construction sites occur because workers are not seen in time. In order to decrease the chances of accident happening on construction site, more and more employers turn to order a batch of bright safety vests for workers. A safety vest is the best work gear to keep workers eye-catching, which can effectively avoid many safety risks on construction sites.

Prevention of Traffic Accidents

Among all kinds of safety gear, high visibility safety vests with reflective striping are the most essential one. Every contractor is required to prepare quality safety vest for workers, as they are working around both heavy equipment and moving traffic. There is no doubt that lots of accidents have been recorded in the construction site due to hit by a vehicle. Construction workers, who are exposed to vehicular traffic, need to wear such hi-vis safety vest, in order to avoid most of traffic accidents.

Help Workers Become More Visible

Bright color gear makes workers easily identifiable, on the road, railway or construction site. That is why industrial and construction workers prefer wearing lime green or bright orange hi-vis workwear.

Beside the bright color, silver reflective stripes on safety vests also increase visibility at night. Life safety protection at night can’t be ignored as well. Enhanced high visibility vests with reflective stripes are needed for workers working at night.

Make Workers Feel Comfortable

Safety vests are widely used for construction workers in all seasons. In hot weather, workers can wear safety vests directly to work. In cooler weather, a safety vest can be worn with a T-shirt, shirt or other work clothing.

To accommodate construction workers working long hours, safety vests are usually made of breathable, lightweight, sweat-absorbing fabric. Workers don't sweat while wearing the vests and the comfortable work experience allows them to work more efficiently.

Keep Their Tools with Workers

Safety vests with pockets are undoubtedly a preferred choice for workers who need to carry a variety of tools. Safety vests that really fit the worker's needs have pockets of different sizes for carrying different kinds of tools. Whether you want to carry a measuring tool, a recording tool, a cell phone, or an ID card with you, they can all be stored in separate pockets.

Customized with Your Company Logo

A mature team of contractors must have a complete set of work clothes. Customize your own construction work clothes, starting with a safety vest with the company logo. Our customizable safety vest supports printing a personalized logo or text on the front and back of the vest. By wearing a safety vest with a custom logo, your workers can stand out from the crowd and fit into the group more easily.

FAQ about Custom Safety Vests

1. How much does a custom safety vest cost?

The cost of your custom vests depends on type of item, quantity, logo, imprint color, imprint location, and so on.

2. How can I get a quote?

Please check the quote online or send us an inquiry by mail.

3. How to send my artwork?

You can email your artwork to or directly upload your file online.

4. Is it possible to order a sample vest?

Yes, we're happy to send sample products to our customers. If you would like a pre-production sampling of your personal design, you need to contact us about your personalized requirement.

5. How soon will I receive my order?

In most cases, it takes roughly 5-7 business days to have your products printed. And it takes 7-10 business days to ship via DHL global mail. If you have a deadline, please let us know then we will check if we can expedite.

6. What imprint methods do you provide?

Screen printing / heat transfer vinyl / offset print.

7. What are the vests made of?

Our vests mostly made of lightweight and breathable fluorescent polyester fabric.

8. Will the design crack or fade if the vest is machine washed?

Yes. Please hand wash. NO machine.

9. Can I order different product colors with the same design?

Yes. Please let us know by mail if you have any questions when placing order online.

10. Is there a minimum order for vests?

There is no MOQ.

11. What's your return policy for custom items?

We cannot accept returns or exchanges of customized items. Please visit our terms of use for more information.

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