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Save 20% If You Can Afford Waiting A Little Longer

Long Lead-Time Discount is available for orders with longer delivery dates that may take several weeks to two months to arrive. You can mix all qualified products in this Long Lead-Time Supplies page to reach the minimum quantity. This allows us to achieve the maximum supply chain efficiency so that we can pass savings to you.

How to apply Long Lead-Time Discount?

Step 1: Add a valid item to shopping cart

long leadtime supplies 

When you include an item that applies to the Long Lead-Time Discount, you will be prompted at checkout how many items you need to add to reach the minimum weight after clicking the Long Lead-Time Discount checkbox on the right.

Warning! Do NOT check this box if you cannot tolerate a lead time of several weeks to two months, or risk missing a delivery deadline. Most orders with Long Lead-Time Discount are non-returnable.

Note: To meet the minimum weight requirement, your cart can consist entirely of the current items or a mix of current items and other items on the Long Lead-Time Supplies page.

Step 2: Adjust product quantity

long leadtime supplies 

If you choose to add a combination of different items, you can change the number of items in the shopping cart, then the total weight will be automatically calculated.

Step 3: Check out and keep track of your order

long leadtime supplies 

When the order of items weighs over the minimum weight, you will see the Long Lead-Time discount amount on the right, and the final price will discount by 20% off which is automatically applied to the checkout form. Otherwise, if you uncheck the checkbox, your order will not be discounted and your shipping & handling fees will remain the same as usual.

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