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custom mug for school fundraising

Fundraising platform for team sports

Launch a product fundraiser to raise money for your sports teams, sports clubs and sports equipment.

Free custom product editor & fundraising tool for team sports

Opentip fundraising is a fast and easy way to raise for team sports

Team sport is a great way to keep fit, active and competitive. However, it takes a lot of money to travel to tournaments or buy jerseys and equipment. Start a Team sports fundraising is very important. Opentip has custom team sports jerseys and equipment for fundraising and will offer fulfillment support of the campaign. You just have to design your products and promote the campaign to your team members or supporters, and then you can raise money for your team.

custom mug for school fundraising
custom mug for school fundraising

Team sports fundraising ideas to promote your campaign

Organize a sports camp
Your sports team can organize a sports camp for local children or teenagers to train them in some sports skills. They have to pay for it by supporting your sports team's fundraising campaign. Their parents would be willing to pay for such a good opportunity. Before the end of the camp, hold a contest to show what they have learned for their parents.

Coach challenge
The coach is the nucleus of the team. The team members will respect him, but will also be excited to see their coach do something fun, which is a motivator for team sports fundraising. If fundraising sales meet their goals, the coach agrees to do something embarrassing, such as dance in the crowd, dress up as a clown or ape gorilla.

Field day
Invite your community members for a day of games, good food, and a lot of fun! And think of a variety of games that you know your audience will enjoy, such as dodge ball, water balloon toss or balance beam. The participants have to purchase your fundraising products to join the event.

3 steps to set up your team sports fundraising campaign

1. Design your products

Upload your artwork or create a personalized item with logo, slogan using opentip online editor.

2. Launch & promote your campaign

Launch a fundraising campaign and advertise it to the community via social channels, email, websites and events.

3. Raise your money

When a campaign ends, you will get 100% of the funds you raised for your case within 10 work days.

Faq about team sports fundraising

How does Opentip Fundraising work?

Opentip fundraising platform enables every fundraiser to create a no-risk or upfront cost campaign for donations. Fundraisers just have to design the products, launch and promote the campaign, and then Opentip will fulfill the orders by printing and shipping the products. When the campaign is complete, Opentip will send the donations to you or the organization.

How much can a fundraiser raise?

There is no limit to how much a fundraiser can raise. Each campaign has its own print minimum, as long as your campaign can meet the minimum, Opentip will ship the products and send you the donation. Remember not to set the price too low or it will be difficult to raise enough money. The more you sell, the higher the price, and the more donations you can receive.

Can I edit the information of my launched campaign?

Of course! You can edit your fundraiser title, description, video and close date (max 28 days) in your campaign dashboard after launching. But the design, products and price you set before are fixed unless you cancel this campaign and start a new one.

When will the donations be sent to us?

The products will be produced and delivered in 12 days after the campaign closed. After all the donators confirm the products and then we will send the donations to the beneficiary you choose.

Are there any good ways to promote my campaign?

You can look to your community and find small, local businesses to sponsor your team and you can advertise the business when you win the tournaments. In addition, you can hold a contest, invite potential donors, and ask the local media to cover it. Social media such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter can also widely promote your team and your fundraising campaign to more people.

What kinds of activities are suitable for team sports fundraising?

Team sports fundraising can raise money for sports team tournaments expenses, training equipment costs, jerseys, sports scholarships, coach salary and so on.