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custom mug for school fundraising

Fundraising platform for church

Launch a custom products fundraising and raise money for the better development of your church and community.

Free custom product editor & fundraising tool for church

Opentip fundraising is a fast and easy way to raise for your church

The church is a gathering place for all kinds of community activities. The church needs a strong foundation of support to develop the church and serve the community better. And fundraising is an opportunity for Church members to unite and give back to the church and community.

Opentip fundraising platform enables the church to raise enough money by creating a custom product fundraising campaign and promoting it to the congregations’ members easily. Opentip will offer full support and simple online tools. Just start fundraising for your church and push it up!

custom mug for school fundraising
custom mug for school fundraising

Church Fundraising ideas to promote your campaign

Organize a breakfast fundraiser at your church
You can offer breakfast for the members of the church. It’s a good chance to gather a large number of people and explain how a contribution from their support would impact the church and the people you plan to serve. Just impress them with your sincerity.

Themed party
A themed party is a popular and interesting way to attract a large number of people especially young people. You have to decide on a theme first and the participants have to wear their own costume to fit the theme. And you can promote the themed party by spreading the word through social media, email, online chatting, and word of mouth. And the condition of participation is that participants have to support your fundraising campaign.

Talent show
You can host a talent show with a church theme and encourage your church members to showcase their talent in the show. They can not only receive compliments from others but also contribute to the development of the church. And you can promote your fundraising link to the audiences. In addition, live your show on social media can attract more people to know and support your church fundraising.

3 steps to set up your church fundraising campaign

1. Design your products

Upload your artwork or create a personalized item with logo, slogan using opentip online editor.

2. Launch & promote your campaign

Launch a fundraising campaign and advertise it to the community via social channels, email, websites and events.

3. Raise your money

When a campaign ends, you will get 100% of the funds you raised for your case within 10 work days.

Faq about church fundraising

How does Opentip Fundraising work?

Opentip fundraising platform enables every fundraiser to create a no-risk or upfront cost campaign for donations. Fundraisers just have to design the products, launch and promote the campaign, and then Opentip will fulfill the orders by printing and shipping the products. When the campaign is complete, Opentip will send the donations to you or the organization.

How much can a fundraiser raise?

There is no limit to how much a fundraiser can raise. Each campaign has its own print minimum, as long as your campaign can meet the minimum, Opentip will ship the products and send you the donation. Remember not to set the price too low or it will be difficult to raise enough money. The more you sell, the higher the price, and the more donations you can receive.

Can I edit the information of my launched campaign?

Of course! You can edit your fundraiser title, description, video and close date (max 28 days) in your campaign dashboard after launching. But the design, products and price you set before are fixed unless you cancel this campaign and start a new one.

When will the donations be sent to us?

The products will be produced and delivered in 12 days after the campaign closed. After all the donators confirm the products and then we will send the donations to the beneficiary you choose.

Are there any good ways to promote my campaign?

You can promote the campaign among your congregations’ members and local community members, which will bring them together for a good cause. You can also team up with local businesses and franchises as they will appreciate the marketing efforts your church does for them. Reach out to local reporters and news stations about the work you're doing is also a good idea to spread the word. Don’t forget that facebook community is also a strong way to promote your campaign.

What kinds of activities are suitable for church fundraising?

Opentip Church fundraising can help your church raise more funds for church remodel, missions trips, ministry work, community outreach support, or another special activities and events.