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Quality Cosmetic Bags Wholesale

Are you searching for quality cosmetic bags in wholesale prices? Opentip offers a wide range of cosmetic bags in different colors, sizes and styles. These bags carry endless design possibilities! Perfect gifts for wedding, birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and any other occasions. Bulk purchases will enjoy a better discount here. Buy more, save more.

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Various Styles of Makeup Bags

For any makeup lover or beauty enthusiast, having the right cosmetic bags and organizers is essential. There are many styles of makeup bags available, ranging from simple zippered pouches to large train cases on rollers. The style ultimately depends on how much makeup you need to carry, where you need to carry it and your priorities regarding organization, fashion, portability, and durability.

Travel Makeup Bags

Bags designed specifically for transporting makeup and toiletries when traveling. Typically made of water-resistant or waterproof materials with zippered enclosures and compartments to keep items organized and prevent spills. Rectangular or square shaped for efficient packing in luggage.

Makeup Clutches

A fashionable zippered pouch for carrying essential makeup items and small accessories. Meant to be carried as a stand-alone bag, not packed inside another piece of luggage. Often made of materials like satin, lace or sequins and available in a range of patterns and colors to match one's style.

Roll-Up Makeup Bags

Bags that unfold and roll out flat to provide access to products, then roll back up for storage. Have elastic straps or drawstring closures to keep rolled and secured. Allow you to see all your items at a glance when unrolled. Can be washed more easily since the interior is exposed.

Hanging Makeup Bags

Bags equipped with metal or plastic hooks so they can be hung from a door, towel bar or collapsed and tucked inside a cabinet. Keep makeup organized and visible but also easily accessible. Popular for bathrooms with limited counter space.

Train Cases

Hard-sided boxes with multiple pull-out drawers and trays for storing large makeup collections or tools. Offer maximum organization and protection. The sturdy casing prevents items from getting crushed in transit. Locking options are available for increased security. Popular with makeup artists and beauty professionals.