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Custom Airless Bottles

Airless Bottles are suitable for any substance that is sensitive to air exposure. They are designed to better protect your skincare products or cosmetics from bacterial contamination. Opentip offers a wide range of airless bottles for you to choose from, including Airless Lotion Pump Bottle and Airless Spray Bottle. Our competitive price won't let you down. Buy more, save more!

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Customize Your Airless Bottles at Opentip

As their name implies, the Airless Bottles are designed to prevent air from entering the packaging. These airless pump bottles are designed without straws to keep your products fresher, increasing their shelf-life and preventing the oxidation of the cosmetics and the growth of bacteria. They are perfect for lotion, liquid foundation, serums, creams, moisturizers, sunscreen, face cream, hand cream, shower gel, hair conditioner, etc. What’s more, they are easy to carry, suitable to put in your pocket, travel bag, backpack, tote bag or suitcase.

Opentip has selected all styles of lightweight, leakproof, and durable Airless Bottles for you. You can also add your logo on these bottles, and we will help you create your personalized Airless Bottles. If you are considering other custom bottles as well, Opentip won't let you down.

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