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Opentip Fundraising Guide

Welcome to Opentip Fundraising Platform, a place enables everyone to raise money for a diverse causes. The fundraisers simply create and promote the fundraising campaign, and we will help you produce the products, deliver the orders, collect the funds, and provide customer service. Here are some tips for fundraisers to achieve fundraising success.

Choose your fundraising products

1) Know the main audience for your fundraising theme and choose products that interest them.

2) Choose a customizable item for your fundraising campaign. There are two methods to select a fundraising product.

Method A: Select an item at Opentip fundraising products page, you can click the "Browse All Products" button to check all customizable items that are available for fundraising in a popup window.

Method B: Select a custom item at a product page. All the customizable products with "Start Designing" button can be used for fundraising.

Create your fundraising design

1) With a powerful Online Editor, you can directly add text, upload artwork to preview your design for the fundraising campaign instanlty.

2) If you don’t have any artwork on your computer so far, don't worry, Opentip provides free artwork design service for fundraisers. Please don't hesitate to contact us, our professional designers will create amazing designs for you.

3) The design can include representative patterns, organization logos, slogans that elicit emotion, or bright colors to attract more supporters.

Set up your fundraising campaign

1) You need to set up the price and sales goal for your campaign. Don’t set the price too low or it will be difficult to raise enough money. As for the goal, it’s allowed to be exceeded.

2) It is important to set your fundraiser close date and length options, which ranges from 2 to 4 weeks.

3) You can choose Individual Shipping or Bulk Shipping based on the distribution address of your target supporters.

Tell your fundraising story

1) Tell your supporters what the campaign is about, why it is important to you, and how their support will make a big difference.

2) You can add a video about your campaign which can help illustrate your story and arouse supporters’ emotional resonance.

3) Be honest about your story and tell your supporters where the money is going, which can better build trust.

Promote your fundraising campaign

1) Don’t be shy to reach out to your families, friends, and colleagues who are your most potential supporters to spread the word. Physical mail, email, or text is available.

2) Social media can be an effective way to promote your campaign widely, such as facebook, instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and so on.

3) Nonprofit causes can partner with local media or businesses as supporting nonprofits will boost their reputation and expand their influence.

4) You can also work with some sympathetic organizations or charities. In addition, your community can also offer you help.

5) Draw in more participants by organizing an enticing offline event featuring delectable treats like fondant cakes and cookies, creating a sweet incentive for supporters to contribute to your cause.

Track the progress of your campaign

1) You can track the latest funds and the information of your supporters on our campaign dashboard. You can also edit your campaign information in it.

2) Don’t forget to thank your supporters. And they will be impressed by your sincerity.

Opentip Fundraising Explainer Video