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High-visibility clothing is traditionally considered the equivalent of workwear for construction workers or road workers. However, now, high visibility clothing has been widely used in a variety of occasions in daily life. Among public safety workers, more and more security workers and volunteers are required to wear high-visibility clothing. In daily life, many people choose to wear highly visible clothing or wristbands when running or cycling, in order to make them more visible on the road and avoid traffic accidents.

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What’re Hi-Vis Clothes?

Generally speaking, high visibility clothes are the clothing made of fluorescent fabric that provides high visibility and allows the wearer to be seen from a distance. Because the high-visibility clothes are made of fluorescent materials, they are brighter than normal colors and contrast strongly with most backgrounds. Some clothing also features reflective stripes, which reflect sunlight and light, making the wearer easy to see even in low-light conditions.

Hi-vis clothes have been a must for workers in industry, construction and public safety for years. They are considered as necessary personal protective equipment. Commonly, hi-vis clothes include hi-vis vests, hi-vis shirts, hi-vis jackets, hi-vis coveralls, hi-vis pants and other hi-vis accessories.

Why Hi-Vis Clothes Are Necessary?

For industrial workers, wearing hi-vis clothing can help them alert drivers and other equipment operators their location. This is essential in hazardous environments, such as low-light environments, constriction sites, and places where workers may be blocked by trees, traffic obstacles, or other equipment.

Hi-Vis Safety Vests

Hi-vis vests are one of the most common types of hi-vis clothes. You can easily find them on roadside, airport, or all kinds of construction sites. Almost all public safety workers have such a hi-vis vest, as their workwear. High visibility safety vests are widely used because they are easy to put on. You can wear the vest either directly or with a high-visibility safety shirt. So safety vests can also be used in different seasons.

Hi-Vis Safety Shirts & Jackets

In cold or rainy weather, you may need more appropriate workwear for your workers. So high visibility safety shirts, or jackets, can be definitely a good choice. They provide workers with warmth. At the same time, workers need to wear safety shirts and jackets to enhance their high visibility in bad weather.

Hi-Vis Sports Gear

There is also someone who wears hi-vis clothes for outdoor activities. From running, cycling to motorcycling, many outdoor sports also require people to wear high visibility clothes or other accessories. Similar to roadside workers, runners and cyclers should be seen easily as well. Reflective gear can effectively help them avoid most of traffic accidents.

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