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Kid Aprons & Smocks

If you are searching for kid aprons or smocks, Opentip is a good place for you. These aprons and smocks are perfect for art and craft activities. Here are also quality kid size cooking aprons, which makes them look like a professional chef. A quality apron should be made of soft and lightweight, which will keep the children comfy and cool during drawing or cooking. These aprons and smocks will protect them from water, dust and stain. They are also available to be imprinted with personalized logo or name. Choose one and try to design them now!

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Wide Use for Kids Aprons & Smocks

Kid's aprons are designed specifically for children to wear during messy activities like cooking, arts and crafts, gardening, and science projects. They protect clothing from stains, spills and splatters while also allowing kids freedom of movement. Kid's aprons come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials suitable for different ages and uses. With fun prints, colors and customization options, kid's aprons make activities more engaging and help children feel like little professionals in the kitchen or studio. Their small size and adjustable fits keep kids comfortable, contained and focused on the task at hand.

Art Smocks For Schools

Art smocks and aprons are commonly used in preschools and elementary schools, especially for messy crafts and activities like painting, drawing or clay modeling. Schools purchase kid's aprons and smocks in large quantities to outfit all the students. Disposable smocks are popular for single use.

Aprons For Daycares

Aprons help keep children's clothing clean during meals, arts and crafts, and other activities. Daycares also buy aprons in volume for all the children under their care.

For Home Craft Activities

Parents may purchase aprons and smocks for their children to use at home for arts and crafts activities like painting, coloring, sticker books or play dough. The aprons help contain the mess and keep clothes clean.

For Kids Activity Centers

Places like kid's gyms, art studios, museums, and recreation centers that offer children's programs and activities will need aprons to keep clothes clean.

Try to Design Your Custom Aprons & Smocks

There are many fun and creative custom design ideas for kid's aprons and smocks. Have the child's first name or full name printed on the apron. This is a cute personalized touch. Have the child dip their hands in paint and then place them on the apron to make colorful handprint designs. Once the paint dries you can seal it to make it permanent. Provide stickers, stencils, and iron-on designs for the child to customize their own apron. Things like letters, numbers, shapes, animals, flowers, cars, etc. They can arrange them however they like to make it unique.

All of these are all fun ways to let children be creative in designing their own unique apron. Customized and personalized aprons also make great gifts or souvenirs from camps and schools.