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ID Badges & Supplies

ID badge reels with belt clip, swivel clip, alligator spring clip and more. Conveniently reach your ID, keys and small tools with retractable ID badge reels. Available in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes. It is a popular choice for hospitals, government buildings, corporate headquarters and other working environments which require employees to regularly draw or swipe their photo id cards for security purposes. Find the product that best suits your needs from our extensive collection of standard, carabiner and heavy-duty ID badge reels. Wholesale prices are available on bulk orders.

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Different Part of ID Badge Supplies

ID accessories provide simple solutions for keeping identification visible for security purposes or easy identification. They allow staff to keep their hands free while prominently displaying ID badges on their person. The specific options used will depend on the needs and policies of an organization or workplace.

ID Badge Holders

Plastic sleeves or pouches that fully enclose an ID badge to protect it from damage while still keeping it visible. Have slots or clips to attach to clothing, lanyards or straps. Provide a durable covering for badges that need to withstand frequent use or harsh, high-contact environments.

ID Badge Clips

Simple alligator-style clips, magnetic clips or retractable badge reels that attach directly to an ID badge. Allow you to clip the badge to a shirt pocket, lapel, belt or waistband for easy display. Very popular option for those who don't require the full protection of a badge holder.

ID Wristbands

Tyvek or plastic wrist straps that slide over the hand and wrap around the wrist. Have a clear windowed pocket to insert an ID badge for convenient hands-free display. Often used in hospitals, events and high-security workplaces where staff need their ID visible at all times.


Another popular hands-free option. Consist of a cord or strap that is worn around the neck to display an ID badge, card or other small item. Can be plain or come with additional features like a badge reel, clips or safety breakaway clasps.