GOGO Thick Solid Color Wristband with Zipper / Wrist Wallet Sweatband
by Joseph A. Date Added: Thursday 06 September, 2012
What I wanted was simple: something to carry a few small items while running, something that wouldn't be bulky or bouncy or foolish-looking, and (and this was the hard part) something that wouldn't make me feel like a dimwit for spending twenty dollars (or more) on what would surely be, in its essence, an elementary composition of cloth, plastic and metal, throw together by underpaid laborers in a cheap factory somewhere on our planet.My annoyingly difficult search at last led me to this item, and I am, in the final calculation, quite pleased with it. It is not without flaws; even a slight increase in attentiveness by its design, engineering and production teams had the potential to yield a significantly better product at only a tiny increase in unit cost. The cloth undersides of the zipper, for example, should have had their edges sewn to the sweatband fabric, to prevent their occasional pinching by, and hence jamming of, the zipper mechanism. There could have been a simple fabric lining to the storage pocket, to protect the sweatband material from being damaged by rubbing against stored objects. Said sweatband material could have been of just somewhat higher quality; as it is, it will doubtless wear down all too quickly. Finally, some thought could have been given to multiple sizes; if your wrist is more than six inches in circumference you may likely find this band uncomfortably snug. But its reasonable price and reasonable shipping are strong arguments in its favor, and in the final analysis, tip the balance to awarding the product four stars.With the understanding that this is an item of the "not so good quality" ilk, it is an excellent product for its excellently reasonable price, worthy of four stars. It might be wise to purchase two, so one can be rinsed and dried while the second is deployed for use, as the product has a tendency to get sweaty easily; and additionally so the second may serve as a backup to the first when it inevitably wears out. At the price of three dollars each including shipping, such a dual purchase is still well within the bounds of financial reason.

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