Lee S Aquarium & Pet Lee S Aquarium & Pet Ultra Gravel Vacuum Cleaner With Nozzle 10 Inch P502978BCW-406058 https://cdnimages.opentip.com/full/BCW/BCW-406058.jpg Lee S Aquarium & Pet Ultra Gravel Vacuum Cleaner With Nozzle 10 Inch 502978 3.93lbs 17.70 8.30 3.60
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Lee S Aquarium & Pet Ultra Gravel Vacuum Cleaner With Nozzle - 10 Inch

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Product Description

• Designed to separate and remove debris from aquarium gravel.

• Wide mouth nozzle for faster cleaning and for hard to reach areas.

• Self start.

Ingredients: Plactic And Vinyl

Size: 10 INCH

Dimension: 3.6 x 8.3 x 17.7

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By Rachelle Stunger
Date Added: Tuesday 14 May, 2013
I have a 40 gallon, bow front aquarium and this reaches the bottom easily. The suction is easy to start and the end piece is a decent size to make the job quick. I have used other aquarium self starting hoses that did not work as easily as this one.
Rating: [4 of 5 Stars!]
By Reader
Date Added: Friday 01 June, 2012
This is a pretty standard gravel vac. Yes, it does have the extra wide head (in the shape of flattened hose, so its wide width-wise, but narrow height-wise), and that does let you get into spots that you otherwise would not be able to reach. I have been using this with a 55 gallon and a 29 gallon tank. The medium size seems to work well.This gravel vac also comes with a nice clip, so you can attach the clip to the bucket that the water is going into and not have to worry about the hose popping up while you are reaching around the tank. If you've ever had a hose come out of the bucket and spray water over the floor while you're cleaning a tank, you will recognize how nice a feature this is.Here's how you get it to work:1) Get the water bucket ready and hold the large side of the tube in one hand and the thin end of the tube in another hand.2) Submerge the large end in the fish tank so that the tube fills up with water.3) Put your finger on the end of the narrow side of the tube.4) Raise the fat side of the tube up out of the aquarium just a bit as you let a little bit of air out of the tube from the skinny end with your finger. The action is just like letting a wee bit of air out of something inflatable.5) As you raise the fat end and let a bit of air out of the skinny end, you will see the water move through the tube. Do this until the water is right at the skinny end of the tube, almost touching your finger.6) By now, much of the water in the fat end will have moved into the tubing. So submerge the fat end into the aquarium again, filling up the whole chamber.7) Let the water bubbles in the tubing clear out.8) Now put the skinny end into the bucket (keep that finger on), and submerge the fat end in the fish tank.9) Remove your finger from the skinny end and the water will spurt out. Viola - your gravel vac is sucking up water.A gravel vac is an essential fish-keeping item, and this is a good one. Get it.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By Ammit L. Brooks
Date Added: Sunday 25 March, 2012
These gravel vacs are so much more useful than the crap with narrow mouths that you find in chain stores. My previous one lasted me six years. How come these can't be readily found in stores?
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By exchicago
Date Added: Monday 26 September, 2011
this is the right price for the right tool. i have a 40 gallon tank and it is drained in about 42 seconds. the gravel suction also allows for easy removal of turtle shell shedding. my R.E.S. loves attacking it when i am draining the tank.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By TexasBehemoth
Date Added: Friday 29 October, 2010
This vacuum really works well. It does not suck all the rocks out which used to drive me nuts with my old vacuum. The only "con" if you will is that it is very large so it can be hard to manipulate around the plants and drift wood in tight spaces. And beware: vacuum FAST because it will suck your tank down quick!
Rating: [4 of 5 Stars!]
By Cara
Date Added: Wednesday 02 January, 2008
This product VERY well cleans the gunk from the gravel. I have medium river rock and it works fabulously! Couldn't live without it! This is a rather large product good for 50 or more gallon tanks as it drains water rather quickly. If you have a smaller tank, choose the equivalent product in the small size. Your fish will thank you.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
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