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Custom Order Pricing

  • How does promotional products’ pricing work?

    We are committed to providing customers with high-quality and affordable custom products. The final prices of your custom products are based on these four things:

    Types: The type of item you select. Some colors or sizes of blank products require extra charges.

    Colors: The number of ink colors in your design. The fewer colors in your design, the less expensive producing the design becomes for us.

    Locations: The number of printing locations. Each printing location on a custom item (front, back, chest, sleeve, etc.) demands a specific set-up to execute. Therefore, multiple printing locations on your product will increase the cost.

    Quantity: The total number of items in your order. The more custom products you order, the lower your price will be per item!

    Once your design is complete, you can add to cart and check the total price on the shopping cart page. You can adjust the quantity and your location, and the price will be updated automatically.

    Savings tip:

    The most direct way to reduce the unit price of the product is to increase the order quantity. We will provide a high discount for bulk orders. You can also consider reducing the number of ink colors in your design, and our excellent printing service will make your designs shine without multiple colors.

    Example Pricing:

    We use multiple prices so your per-unit cost decreases as you increase the quantity. Buy more, save more. Here is a sample price chart of our most popular custom baseball cap, which has a wide selection of color options, affordable prices, and guaranteed quality. You can find more products that fit you best on our promotional products page!

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