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Custom Bicycle Safety Vests

Find bright fluorescent sports safety gear at Opentip! More and more cyclists choose to order their own custom safety vests & belts here. The vests & belts are allowed to be imprinted with personalized text and logo. For teams that usually organize a lot of outdoor sports, it is necessary to have a custom-made cycling safety vest for each team member. This can effectively improve the teamwork and unity of the team.

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Sports Safety Vests & Accessories

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Why Hi-Vis Sports Gear Is Necessary?

Besides of roadside workers, there is also someone who wears hi-vis clothes for outdoor activities. From running, cycling to motorcycling, many outdoor sports also require people to wear high visibility clothes or accessories. Similar to roadside workers, runners and cyclers should be seen easily as well. Reflective gear can effectively help them avoid most of traffic accidents.

Reduce Risks of Traffic Accidents

Cyclists face the greatest risk of traffic accidents among those on the road. They are often overlooked by others. A large amount of studies show that the majority of accidents involving bicycles and motor vehicles are "sight-and-miss" situations. Therefore, for cyclists, how to keep visible on the road is already something they have to think about.

Wear Hi-Vis Sports Gear to Keep Visible

For most of cyclists, the clothes they wear don't need to be highly visible, so the fluorescent vest can be the right choice for you. The fluorescent fabrics and reflective stripes are enough to give the cyclists a reliable guarantee of safety.

Fluorescent fabrics provide a stark contrast to most environments, allowing you to be instantly visible to others on the road or on the side of the road. Reflective stripes, on the other hand, reflect light in low-light situations, such as at night or dusk, making you more visible in the dark.

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How does a safety vest protect you when cycling?

The essential that can actually safeguard cyclists in this regard is the usage of a cycling safety vest. These reflective and fluorescent safety vests can enhance the visibility of cyclists even in very low light conditions. The neon shades of the sport safety vests allow the drivers to locate the cyclists from a longer distance.


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