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Custom Airport Safety Vests

Opentip wholesales economic and durable safety vests for industrial, construction and roadside workers. The bright color helps you stand out in the crowd. The reflective trims help you keep high visibility at night. Quality safety vests are the best work uniform for airport workers, who should not be ignored during working.

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Keep Safe at the Airport

It is clear that people who work at airports, especially on the tarmac, are often exposed to the greatest risk of accidents while doing their jobs. There are so many large vehicles coming and going through airports, just like on a busy highway. The slightest mistake can cause a large accident. So both airport workers and their employers must be aware of the need for adequate security at the airport.

Stay Far Away From Vehicle

The easiest way to stay safe at the airport is to consciously stay away from all vehicles, including planes preparing to take off, buses ferrying passengers, and vehicles carrying luggage.

Stay High Visibility

However, some workers are required to give directions to vehicles on the side of the road or help with luggage handling. They inevitably come into close contact with vehicles. The driver of the vehicle needs to be able to find out where the workers are in time to avoid possible collision risks in advance. Therefore, maintaining a high level of visibility is extremely important for workers working in airports.

Wear Hi-Vis Work Vests

Wearing bright, reflective workwear can improve the visibility of airport workers on the tarmac. A reflective safety vest doesn't look like much. But when you're driving, you can spot workers wearing such reflective vests from a great distance, so as to avoid traffic accidents in advance. Reflective safety vest is a very common work uniform in industry, construction and public safety industries. Also, it is perfect for airport.

Who Need A Hi-Vis Vest?

Industrial Workers

Someone who is exposed to large vehicles and equipment should wear a hi-vis safety vest during working. They wear such work clothes to keep eye-catching and avoid most of crash on the work site. Depending on the needs of the specific industry, safety vests are derived in different styles, such as construction safety vests for construction workers and surveyor safety vests for surveyors.

Roadside Workers

Almost all roadside workers are required to wear a safety vest, because they always stay on the side of streets, roads and even highways. These areas are heavily trafficked and have a high risk of accidents. As a result, safety vests have become a kind of essential for roadside workers.

Public Safety Workers

More and more public safety departments advise their employees to wear a hi-vis safety vest. From traffic policemen, to security guards, and even community service workers, they need a reflective safety vest to protect themselves from any accidents.


Don't ignore the safety of children. Children and toddler’s' should be especially cared in outdoor activities. With a kid hi-vis vest, you can easily locate the children at any given time.

Why Choose Opentip's Customized Safety Vests?

Opentip supplies economic and durable reflective safety vests online. From simple safety vests multi-functional safety vests, these vests are perfect for workers in different industries. What’s more, Opentip offers a very convenient custom service. The safety vests are allowed to be printed with personalized logo and text. Try to select an item and upload what you want to print now. Our products of high quality and low price will always satisfy you.

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