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It is time to prepare some items for your salon now. At Opentip, you can find all kinds of customized salon products. For customers, there are comfortable salon robes. For barbers, there are variety salon aprons. For hair care or nail beauty, you can find a large variety supplies and products that you need. To decorate your solon, we also provide quality barber chairs for you. If you want to make these products unique, try to add your personalized logo or artwork on them. We can help you create quality custom products for your salon easily.

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What Supplies Does a Salon Need?

If you are willing to start up a hair salon, it is necessary to understand what kind of salon supplies you should prepare for it. The list isn't long, but every one of them is an essential item for the hair salon.

Shampoos & Conditioners

These are essential for shampoo. High quality shampoo and conditioner can effectively care for customers' hair quality. This is definitely a highlight for your hair salon.


Towels are an indispensable item in every hair salon. It's very useful. From shampooing to styling, your customers and stylists can't do without it.

Hairdressing Tools

From scissors, combs, brushes, to rollers, rods, a complete set of hairdressing tools is something that every hairstylist needs. A complete supply of hairdressing supplies can help barbers do their jobs more easily and give their customers the impression that they are very professional.

Hairstylist Work Uniforms

Be sure to get your stylist's work uniform tailored to fit, whether it's a salon apron, a T-shirt, or a coat. The right salon uniform can give your stylist easy access to tools and help your salon impress customers with a great brand.

Client Gown

Your client will certainly need a high-quality gown when they are doing their hair. The robe protects their clothes and skin from getting hair or hair dye. It is essential to optimize the customer experience.

Manicure Supplies

If your salon offers manicure services, of course you need to prepare high quality nail care products, including nail decors, spa series and nail polishes. Or course, a set of professional nail clipper will make the manicurists look more reliable.

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