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Opentip wholesale all kinds of restaurant supplies for restaurant owners. From chef clothing to aprons, from tableware to cookware, no matter what type of restaurant supply you need, Opentip, the established wholesaler of restaurant supplies, can provide you with the best one. Come and enjoy shopping here, we have prepared a better discount for you.

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Quality Work Uniforms for Chefs & Waiters

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As we all known, quality restaurant supplies, from dinnerware & barware, to the chef coats & pants, are much important for restaurant running. For customers, delicate supplies help you easily set up the brand of your restaurant. For staff, uniform supplies help their business run at its best.

In order to ensure the restaurant is supplied sufficiently, you need an established store that offers all kinds of quality and affordable restaurant supplies, from the furniture of your restaurant, uniform for chefs, to tableware & barware for customers. How to find such a store? Opentip can be the best answer for you.

Opentip supplies all kinds of cheap and quality restaurant supplies for restaurant owners. We have prepared the best supplies from top suppliers for you. No matter you are looking for bakeware or cookware, drinkware or kitchen furniture, chef coats or aprons, Opentip has them all! What's more, if you are considering custom restaurant supplies with your brand logo, don't miss Opentip! There are various customized chef clothing and tableware on sale. Connect us to know more about our custom service.

Essential Uniforms for Your Restaurant

Everyone who is willing to start a restaurant will face a series of similar problem, about uniforms for employees. What work uniforms do you need for your prospective employees? What kind of work uniform do employees in different positions need? Where can buy a good quality and cheap work uniform? Obviously, every employee who works in a restaurant needs to wear a work uniform, with the restaurant brand logo. This makes them look like a complete and united team. This also gives customers the impression that they are professional and reliable.

Restaurant Waiter Vest

For a restaurant that provides high-quality food and beverage service, it is very important to have a clean uniform for the waiters and waitresses. It can be a suit, a shirt or a vest. The topmost uniform is often emblazoned with the brand logo of the restaurant. It's a subtle form of branding. More and more restaurants have found that promoting their brand by this way can be affordable but effective.

Kitchen Chef Uniform

A quality and professional chef uniform is actually necessary for everyone in the food or restaurant business. The chef coat is the most important in the chef's work uniform. When a chef meets your customers face to face, the coat wearing by the chef will be the first thing that customers notice. For experienced professional chefs, they wear the highest quality uniform coat when serving customers. This will show his respect for his customers.

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