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“Noodler’s Ink, LLC is posting this “reminder” in light of the activities of a far larger competitor (that just introduced an organic component to a rollerball and felt tip - but lacks a secure fountain pen ink for various reasons). Several years ago Noodler’s began to introduce inks that were “variable combination” such as Navy, Green Marine, Blue-Black, Aircorp, Zhivago, Kiowa Pecan, Walnut, Brown, Red-Black, Golden Brown, #41 Brown, etc… The first “variable combination” formulas were manufactured with variables being different on a PER BOTTLE basis…meaning EVERY bottle has slightly different ink component proportions. This is done by hand (one of the major reasons for Noodler’s constantly being in short supply). This production method security feature enables most of our inks to be unique in a forensics lab on a per bottle basis.
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