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TSG VERMONT GAGE 0140800 Size: 8.00mm .3150" OAL: 4 1/2" P3368468TSG-0140800 VERMONT GAGE 0140800 Size: 8.00mm .3150" OAL: 4 1/2" * Package quantities : Up to .1249\" - 12 pcs. per package from .1250\" to .3749\" - 6 pcs. per package from .3750\" to .6249\" - 3 pcs. per package from .6250\" up - packaged individuallyOrde #ManufacturerDescription0140505VERMONT GAGESize: 5.05mm (.1988\"), OAL: 3-5/8\"9040510VERMONT GAGESize: 5.10mm (.2008\"), OAL: 3-5/8\"0140515VERMONT GAGESize: 5.15mm (.2027\"), OAL: 3-3/4\"0140520VERMONT GAGESize: 5.20mm (.2047\"), OAL: 3-3/4\"0140525VERMONT GAGESize: 5.25mm (.2067\"), OAL: 3-3/4\"0140530VERMONT GAGESize: 5.30mm (.2087\"), OAL: 3-3/4\"0140535VERMONT GAGESize: 5.35mm (.2106\"), OAL: 3-3/4\"0140540VERMONT GAGESize: 5.40mm (.2126\"), OAL: 3-3/4\"0140545VERMONT GAGESize: 5.45mm (.2146\"), OAL: 3-3/4\"0140550VERMONT GAGESize: 5.50mm (.2165\"), OAL: 3-7/8\"0140555VERMONT GAGESize: 5.55mm (.2185\"), OAL: 3-7/8\"0140560VERMONT GAGESize: 5.60mm (.2205\"), OAL: 3-37/8\"0140565VERMONT GAGESize: 5.65mm (.2224\"), OAL: 3-7/8\"0140570VERMONT GAGESize: 5.70mm (.2244\"), OAL: 3-7/8\"0140575VERMONT GAGESize: 5.75mm (.2264\"), OAL: 3-7/8\"0140580VERMONT GAGESize: 5.80mm (.2283\"), OAL: 3-7/8\"0140585VERMONT GAGESize: 5.85mm (.2303\"), OAL: 3-7/8\"0140590VERMONT GAGESize: 5.90mm (.2323\"), OAL: 3-7/8\"0140595VERMONT GAGESize: 5.95mm (.2342\"), OAL: 3-7/8\"0140600VERMONT GAGESize: 6.00mm (.2362\"), OAL: 4\"0140605VERMONT GAGESize: 6.05mm (.2382\"), OAL: 4\"0140610VERMONT GAGESize: 6.10mm (.2401\"), OAL: 4\"0140615VERMONT GAGESize: 6.15mm (.2421\"), OAL: 4\"0140620VERMONT GAGESize: 6.20mm (.2441\"), OAL: 4\"0140625VERMONT GAGESize: 6.25mm (.2461\"), OAL: 4\"0140630VERMONT GAGESize: 6.30mm (.2480\"), OAL: 4\"0140640VERMONT GAGESize: 6.40mm (.2520\"), OAL: 4-1/8\"0140650VERMONT GAGESize: 6.50mm (.2559\"), OAL: 4-1/8\"0140660VERMONT GAGESize: 6.60mm (.2598\"), OAL: 4-1/8\"0140670VERMONT GAGESize: 6.70mm (.2638\"), OAL: 4-1/8\"0140680VERMONT GAGESize: 6.80mm (.2677\"), OAL: 4-1/8\"0140690VERMONT GAGESize: 6.90mm (.2716\"), OAL: 4-1/8\"0140700VERMONT GAGESize: 7.00mm (.2756\"), OAL: 4-1/8\"0140710VERMONT GAGESize: 7.10mm (.2795\"), OAL: 4-1/4\"0140720VERMONT GAGESize: 7.20mm (.2835\"), OAL: 4-1/4\"0140730VERMONT GAGESize: 7.30mm (.2874\"), OAL: 4-1/4\"0140740VERMONT GAGESize: 7.40mm (.2913\"), OAL: 4-3/8\"0140750VERMONT GAGESize: 7.50mm (.2953\"), OAL: 4-3/8\"0140760VERMONT GAGESize: 7.60mm (.2992\"), OAL: 4-3/8\"0140770VERMONT GAGESize: 7.70mm (.3031\"), OAL: 4-1/2\"0140780VERMONT GAGESize: 7.80mm (.3071\"), OAL: 4-1/2\"0140790VERMONT GAGESize: 7.90mm (.3110\"), OAL: 4-1/2\"0140800VERMONT GAGESize: 8.00mm (.3150\"), OAL: 4-1/2\" 3368468 0.10lbs 0.00 0.00 0.00
8.3000 2023-07-06 In Stock
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VERMONT GAGE 0140800 Size: 8.00mm (.3150"), OAL: 4-1/2"

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SKU: TSG-0140800
Price: $8.30
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Product Description

* Package quantities :
Up to .1249" - 12 pcs. per package
from .1250" to .3749" - 6 pcs. per package
from .3750" to .6249" - 3 pcs. per package
from .6250" up - packaged individually

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