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Spouted Drink Pouches

Opentip offers an extensive inventory of spouted flat or stand up pouches, which are ideal to make your juice and beverage products stand out. These food safe drink bags can be customized with company logo or message to reflect your brand, which will help you stay ahead of the competition.

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High Quality Drink Pouches Wholesale

Drink pouches allow drinks to be packaged in lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use containers. The pouches stand upright on their own due to their flat bottom design. This makes them convenient for grabbing and drinking on-the-go. The pouches come in different sizes, ranging from 3 oz capacity up to 1 gallon.

There are options for juice, coffee, tea, wine, spirits, and more. As a kind of drink packaging pouches, there are some necessary features.

Made of food-grade multilayer laminated films that are durable and protect against light and oxygen. Common materials are polyethylene, aluminum foil, and nylon.

Spouts or caps allow easy drinking directly from the pouch. Some spouts can be resealed to prevent spills.

Flexible and lightweight compared to rigid containers. Takes up less space.

Allows for custom printed graphics and designs on the pouches. Good for branding and marketing.

Stand-up bottom helps pouches stay upright for attractive retail display.

Overall, these spouted stand-up pouches provide a versatile and portable way to package drinks for on-the-go convenience and lifestyle appeal. The variety of sizes, spout styles, and custom print options make them useful for many beverage applications.

Custom Spouted Stand up Drink Pouches

Spouted stand up drink pouches are widely used for drink packaging. They are great for almost all kinds of drink, such as energy drink, juice, cold drink, yogurt or milk. Therefore, such drink pouches are much necessary for various markets.

Come to Opentip, you will find all sizes of customized drink pouches online. All of the pouches above are BPA Free and FDA approved food grade materials. You can safely use them to pack all kinds of drinks when you're out and about.

Of course, our pouches are able to be printed with personalized logo. Custom food & drink bags with logo are widely used in almost all markets, for food & drink packaging. Opentip's bags, with high barrier prevention from oxygen, moisture, odors, and UV light, are always the best choice for most of markets. They are good at keeping food fresh. And, most importantly, they're very cheap. Opentip supplies these food bags at a surprisingly low price. Choose the most suitable one now. We are able to provide a free sample of these food & drink pouches for you.

Wonder more food & drink pouches? Try to browse more at Opentip. We provide not only spouted stand up pouches, but also other food bags, like vacuum bags, bakery bags and flat bags.