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Free Food Bag Samples

Select the most suitable one among the following styles of customized food or drink bags. Opentip will provide a free sample for you. Please note that we supply maximum 1 FREE sample of our food & drink pouches.

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Opentip Custom Food Pouches

You might need food & drink pouches for many activities. From family trips to bus tours, from sports events to concerts, if you are preparing food & drink for outdoor activities, quality food & drink pouches are certainly necessary for you.

Opentip supplies various food bags & drink pouches online. There are food bags of various materials, sizes, colors and styles. Whether you plan to store food, like cookies, dried fruit, natural products, or drink, such as juice, milk, yogurt, we will provide the most suitable bags for you.

Of course, our pouches are able to be printed with personalized logo. Custom food & drink bags with logo are widely used in almost all markets. Opentip's bags, with high barrier prevention from oxygen, moisture, odors, and UV light, are always the best choice for most of markets. They are good at keeping food fresh. And, most importantly, they're very cheap. Opentip supplies these food bags at a surprisingly low price. Choose the most suitable one now. We are able to provide a free sample of these food & drink pouches for you.