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PATK Muka 2mm Vinyl Custom Size Clear Table Pad Heavy Duty Ordorless Table Cover Protector P12308243PATK-ES86060_19NBSP-23 Muka 2mm Vinyl Custom Size Clear Table Pad Heavy Duty Ordorless Table Cover Protector How to Order A Custom Table Protectors1. Follow the template to measure your table.2. In order to calculate the price, Please choose the option according to the maximum sizes of length and width of the table.(If the size is non-integer, please round it up. Such as the largest length is 50.2\", please go for the option \"51\". And comment the exact size (e.g. 40.8\" x 50.1\") when placing an order if you need to cut more precisely.)3. Leave a message about what shape of your table is and the exact measurement in the comment box.(If there is no comment in your order, We will make the custom cut according to the option you choose, and the shape and color are Rectangle and Clear.)* For example, my table shape is Standard Ellipse and I want a frosted one. According to the template, I need to measure AB,BC,DR. (AB-70.1\",BC-44.5\",DR-10.5\"). Then choose Length option \"81\" (The Largest Length=AB+DR=70.1+10.5=80.6\") & Width option \"45\" (BC--44.5\") to place order. Finally, leave a comment (Standard Ellipse-Frosted, AB-70.1\",BC-44.5\",DR-10.5\").Though AB-70.1\",BC-44.5\",DR-10.5\", the maximum sizes of length is not AB-70.1\", It should be AB plus DR. Please make sure you choose the right option.Warm Note:1. We usually cut a bit larger than actual size to avoid shrinkage caused by cutting or packing in shipping, therefore a slight size difference is not qualified as a quality issue.2. Clear table cover may leave air bubbles on glossy, glass, marble, white or other smooth tops, please place a tablecloth underneath or order frosted table pad by instead. 3. NOT recommend placing it directly on lacquered or newly polished wooden tops because the damp painting may stick to the cover.How to lay it flat on the table when unrolling it? 1. Heat it with a hair dryer and put something heavy on the curled places. 2. Lay it unroll on the sunlight. 3. Soak it in hot water for a few minutes or Use the steam setting on your iron. 4. Lay out in Reverse-Roll direction, use heavy-duty items pressing for days. 12308243 1.94lbs 0.00 0.00 0.00
25.27 2023-05-17 In Stock
customer review - by , January 1, 2021
5/ 5stars
Excellent product - thick, cut as per order request and great alternative to glass panel fir my dining table!
customer review - by , December 12, 2020
5/ 5stars
I'm so pleased with this product. Fits perfect. I did want the mat style, but couldn't wait for delivery date giving. I would recommend this item. thank you!
customer review - by , December 12, 2020
5/ 5stars
Once received the table top covering, allowed about 8 hours to 'relax' and it is perfect. It does not move and is easy to clean. My only advice is to consider your sunlight sources in the room. We had to order a sun diffusing shade for the three hours when the sun is shining in- the bright light bouncing off the table now is not tolerable. Easily fixed though with the shade. The covering may come with a matte finish but we want to see the wood grain of our dining table. I would recommend this product.
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Muka 2mm Thick Custom Size Vinyl Clear Table Cover Protector Personalized Shape Heavy-Duty No Plastic Smell Table Pad

stars Rating 5 | 3 reviews
Brand Muka
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