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By Tammy O.
Date: Tuesday 06 February, 2018
These soap dishes are elegant and make wonderful gifts. For the price, wow. Makes a good presentation when you add a bar of fancy soap.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By Anon35
Date: Thursday 25 January, 2018
Very beautifully piece. I put it in my newly remodeled bathroom. I love it.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By JRDallas
Date: Tuesday 09 January, 2018
Heavy cut glass without flaws. I use this to hold my contact lens case instead of soap! Looks much prettier on the counter that way. I would buy it again for another room for soap, or if my current one ever broke.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By Mary
Date: Monday 13 November, 2017
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By PawPrints
Date: Sunday 27 August, 2017
Very pretty and elegant touch for the bathroom and kitchen
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By bernadette
Date: Tuesday 18 July, 2017
PERFECT - as expected........
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By ikasamajane
Date: Saturday 24 June, 2017
love this, very beautiful, size is right, affordable. I have two of them.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By Sandra
Date: Saturday 17 June, 2017
Beautiful. Matches all my other crystal. A little small for what i wanted it for, to go under my crystal of mouthwash. So i used it to go under my bottle of pump soap dispenser.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date: Sunday 14 May, 2017
The soap dish is lovely for the price. I use it to hold my dish sponge. It is not lead crystal, but it serves the purpose for which I purchased it without the worry about breaking an expensive piece.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By Jenny
Date: Monday 06 March, 2017
Good quality
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By Waoac
Date: Wednesday 01 March, 2017
I was pleasantly surprised by the weight of this leaded crystal. Good quality.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By Judy
Date: Thursday 19 January, 2017
nice soap dish. complimented bath set we had. very versatile. bought two
Rating: [4 of 5 Stars!]
By Marilyn
Date: Sunday 08 January, 2017
Very nice
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By ines karner
Date: Tuesday 22 November, 2016
as promised
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By N.G. "Kundanancy"
Date: Tuesday 19 July, 2016
Attractive soap dish, nice weight and size! It's not Waterford, but excellent for the price. This dish would also be wonderful on a vanity as a "catch all" for your jewelry or change at the end of the day.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By beancounter
Date: Monday 18 July, 2016
I bought these for two bathrooms and I love them! They are beautiful and look great on my granite vanities. Heavy crystal...the inside is smooth so it's easy to clean. It's the outside that has all the cutwork. Lovely.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By Crystal A.
Date: Wednesday 10 February, 2016
Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love this soap dish, and I receive so many compliments on this.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By S T Brock
Date: Monday 01 February, 2016
Beautiful soap dish. Absolutely adds to bathroom.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By dallas75
Date: Saturday 19 September, 2015
Perfect soap dish, what else can I say i love Godinger Crystal products. Thanks
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
By C. L. Madsen
Date: Saturday 06 June, 2015
Really beautiful and good sized soap dish. Did entire master bath in crystal-this piece fit well and looks fantastic!
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
Items 1 - 20 of 22 reviews
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