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Opentip Fundraising Campaigns

If you are looking for a fundraising campaign to support or promote, then Opentip will be the right place to help fundraisers raise money with custom products. Explore the fundraising campaigns created by our customers below to get inspiration for your own campaign. With a huge selection of customizable products to choose from, you can easily create your design and share your story to get as much support as possible. The powerful online editor and superior customer service make Opentip the best choice for your fundraising campaigns.

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Create your own fundraising campaign in minutes

Opentip Fundraising Platform is a place enables everyone to raise money for a diverse causes. Here are three simple steps on how to create a fundraising campaign at Opentip.

First, choose a customizable product and create your fundraising design

All the customizable products with "Start Designing" button can be used for fundraising. You can add text, upload logo to create your unique design instantly. Opentip also provides free artwork design service for fundraisers.

Second, set up your fundraising campaign

There're several settings you need to complete before smoothly running your fundraising, including the price and sales goal, fundraiser close date, and delivery options. Remember to tell your supporters the story behind this campaign to build a lasting connection with them.

Last, promote your fundraising campaign

Spread your message to all your potential supporters via social channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. You can also partner with communities, small businesses, charities and more to attract more people to support this campaign.