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CED CE Distribution F ZGMD S Fuse Slow Blow 250V Miniature 5mm x 20mm P7252659CED-F-ZGMD-SD5 CE Distribution F ZGMD S Fuse Slow Blow 250V Miniature 5mm x 20mm Manufacturer Part Number: F-ZGMD-SProtect your expensive investment or hobby with inexpensive fuses. Time-delay, low breaking capacity.GMD TypeRated at 250VMeasures .78\"(20mm) in length, 0.19\"(5mm) in diameterSlow-BlowPackage of 5Measurements and Specs D.C. Cold Resistance0.5 Amps versionF-ZGMD-SD51.0645 Ω 1 Amp versionF-ZGMD-S10.3065 Ω 2 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S20.107 Ω 3 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S30.0655 Ω 4 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S40.048 Ω 6.3 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S6D30.0071000000461936 Ω Diameter0.1968 in. Interrupting Rating @ 125 VAC0.5 Amps versionF-ZGMD-SD510,000 A 1 Amp versionF-ZGMD-S110,000 A 2 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S210,000 A 3 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S310,000 A 4 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S410,000 A Interrupting Rating @ 250 VAC0.5 Amps versionF-ZGMD-SD535 A 1 Amp versionF-ZGMD-S135 A 2 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S2100 A 3 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S3100 A 4 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S4200 A 6.3 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S6D363 A Item Length0.7874 in. Melting (I2t)6.3 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S6D3237.6 Melting (I2t)0.5 Amps versionF-ZGMD-SD51.4 A 1 Amp versionF-ZGMD-S112 A 2 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S242 A 3 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S3145 A 4 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S4300 A Voltage Drop0.5 Amps versionF-ZGMD-SD5550 mV 1 Amp versionF-ZGMD-S1310 mV 2 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S2200 mV 3 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S3190 mV 4 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S4190 mV 6.3 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S6D354 mV Voltage Rating0.5 Amps versionF-ZGMD-SD5250 V 1 Amp versionF-ZGMD-S1250 V 2 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S2250 V 3 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S3250 V 4 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S4250 V 6.3 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S6D3:250 V Packaging Dimensions0.5 Amps versionF-ZGMD-SD52.8 in. × 1.3 in. × 0.3 in. 1 Amp versionF-ZGMD-S12.8 in. × 1.3 in. × 0.3 in. 2 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S22.8 in. × 1.3 in. × 0.3 in. 3 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S32.8 in. × 1.3 in. × 0.3 in. 4 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S42.8 in. × 1.3 in. × 0.3 in. 6.3 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S6D31.6 in. × 0.684 in. × 0.17 in. Weight (Packaging)0.5 Amps versionF-ZGMD-SD50.25 lbs. 1 Amp versionF-ZGMD-S10.25 lbs. 2 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S20.25 lbs. 3 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S30.25 lbs. 4 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S40.25 lbs. 6.3 Amps versionF-ZGMD-S6D30.05 lbs. Files Specification SheetAll Models 7252659 0609722164382 0.2500lbs 0.00 0.00 0.00
CE Distribution
3.54 2024-12-08 In Stock

CE Distribution F-ZGMD-S Fuse - Slow-Blow, 250V, Miniature, 5mm x 20mm, Price/Package of 5

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UPC: 0609722164382
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Product Description

Price is for Package of 5.

Manufacturer Part Number: F-ZGMD-S

Protect your expensive investment or hobby with inexpensive fuses. Time-delay, low breaking capacity.

  • GMD Type
  • Rated at 250V
  • Measures .78"(20mm) in length, 0.19"(5mm) in diameter
  • Slow-Blow
  • Package of 5

Measurements and Specs


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