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BBY Brybelly 10 $5000 Nile Club 40 Gram Ceramic Poker Plaques P4783121BBY-CPNI-5000-10 Brybelly 10 $5000 Nile Club 40 Gram Ceramic Poker Plaques This is the $5000 Nile Club Casino Quality Ceramic Poker Plaque. The Nile Club is presented as a fictional Egyptian casino and each chip within the set displays its own unique historical inlay design. The Nile Club is a classy look for any poker chip enthusiast and offers players a true casino quality look and feel. The Nile Club is a ceramic poker plaque. Many casinos around the world use ceramic chips. Ceramic chips are of a much higher quality than composite or even most clay composites. Ceramic chips have a smooth surface and the graphics are printed directly on the chip as opposed to an inlay or sticker used on Clay Chips. Many international casinos also use the plaque for higher denominations instead of the chip, in order to distinguish them. The Nile Club plaque is 83mm long and 53mm wide. They weigh 40 grams each. The edge features Egyptian symbols all the way around. The design and feel of this plaque are extremely high quality. You will receive 10 plaques in the $5000 design. 4783121 1.0000lbs 0.00 0.00 0.00
34.4900 2024-06-10 89 In Stock

Brybelly 10 $5000 Nile Club 40 Gram Ceramic Poker Plaques

Brand Brybelly
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SKU: BBY-CPNI-5000-10
Price: $34.49
89 In Stock
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