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AZU Azure Market Epsom Salt Animal Feed & Agricultural Use P13924178AZU-GP1147 Azure Market Epsom Salt Animal Feed & Agricultural Use Magnesium sulfate (or Epsom salt) is used to correct magnesium deficiency which can be common in the hydroponic production of vegetable crops. It is perfect for use as a part of a hydroponic nutrient solution because it is an inexpensive, highly soluble and naturally occurring.This agricultural-grade magnesium sulfate heptahydrate is an extremely soluble and bioavailable source of magnesium and sulfur for the health of animals and plants.For Plants:Contains essential plant nutrients: Magnesium and SulfurOptimum solubility needed to make true clear solutions and compatible with other soluble nutrientsIdeal source for all Fertigation Systems: center pivot, micro-jet, drip-trickle and foliar spray applicationsMagnesium is critical as a central element in the chlorophyll molecule to capture energy from the sun and convert it to plant sugars via photosynthesis Magnesium is especially required in sandy soils, soils with low CEC, for crops with high Mg demand and in situations of high applications of ammonium-N and/or PotassiumCrop Yield Level LBS MG taken upAlfalfa 10 tons 53Bermudagrass 10 tons 50Corn 200 bu 53Cotton 1500 lbs 35Potatoes 25 tons 50Rice 7000 lbs 14Soybeans 60 bu 27Onions 30 tons 37Tomatoes 40 tons 36Wheat 80 bu 24For Animals:Contains macro-nutrient Magnesium and secondary nutrient SulfurExcellent solubility means greater animal bio-availability than other Mg sourcesEffective Mg for the prevention and treatment of hypomagnesaemia and grass tetany; especially in early lactating dairy cowsEffective Mg nutrition in non-ruminant feeds; also used for enhanced mobility, reduced discomfort and a beneficial calming effectMagnesium is an important co-factor in enzymatic reactions vital to every metabolic pathway in every animal speciesMg Source Mg Content Relative Biological Value*Mag-sulfate 100g/kg 96%Mag-Chloride 120 g/kg 89%Mag-phosphate 260 g/kg 86%Mag-oxide powder 510 g/kg 84%Mag-oxide granular 510 g/kg 61%*Feed Ingredients News, Sept. 2004Chemical Properties: Chemical Name: Magnesium Sulfate HeptahydrateFormula: MgSO4•7H2OGRAS-Generally Regarded As SafeGuaranteed Analysis:Magnesium (MG): 9.8% (min.), 9.8% water soluble magnesiumSulfur (S): 12.9% (min)Variable Solubility Data table:Saturated Solution with 70°F water = 5.5% MgSaturated Solution with 60°F water = 4.7% Mg% Mg Solution** 1 Gallon Water (70°) Amount Magnesium Sulfate Hepta.5% Mg 1 Gallon (8.33 lbs) 8.5 lbs4% Mg 1 Gallon (8.33 lbs) 5.7 lbs3% Mg 1 Gallon (8.33 lbs) 3.6 lbs2% Mg 1 Gallon (8.33 lbs) 2.1lbs*These mixing amounts based on mixing of water and magnesium sulfate hepta. Only; additional inputs in solution will lessen the amount of mag-sulfate that can be added to make a saturated solution and lessen its Mg concentration.** At any solution concentration of Mg there is 1.3 times as much Sulfur (S) in solution.DirectionsMagnesium sulfate also known as Epsom salt can be used for crops or for your animals. Guaranteed Analysis:Magnesium (MG): 9.8% (min.), 9.8% water soluble magnesiumSulfur (S): 12.9% (min)Ingredientsmagnesium sulfate heptahydrateCertified organic? NoPackage code: GP1147Shipping weight: 5.14 lbSize: 5 lbStorage climate: dry 13924178 685051931062 6.0000lbs 0.00 0.00 0.00
12.21 2024-06-03 885 In Stock
customer review - by , October 10, 2022
5/ 5stars
I love it! Will order again in the nesr future!
customer review - by , August 8, 2022
5/ 5stars
Just what I expected
customer review - by , July 7, 2022
5/ 5stars
It greens up veggies.
customer review - by , June 6, 2022
4/ 5stars
Used in garden
customer review - by , May 5, 2022
4/ 5stars
Just purchased. Haven't discovered all its uses yet.
customer review - by , May 5, 2022
5/ 5stars
Use this with white vinegar and dish soap mixed into a weed sprayer. Kills weeds fast and safe for our pets

Azure Market Epsom Salt, Animal Feed & Agricultural Use - 5 lb

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