Century XXL Wavemaster (inc. 10176B Base)
by Rob Date Added: Thursday 14 February, 2013
I picked up the Wavemaster XXL at my local Academy Sports a few days back for around $210 + tax. I had been trying to find one on craigslist for a while since you can sometimes find them for around half that but I was always too late when I'd see one. Anyways, I decided to splurge and finally get it.My first comment is the NEGATIVE. After doing some research, I decided to put sand in it since sand is heavier than water when comparing the same volume. I put 250 lbs though you can add a little more, around 270. The bad thing is the design in adding your sand or water. The hole should be much larger or the base should be much easier to add to it. Instead, the hole is very small. A normal funnel will not work, you need a wide diameter funnel. The hole itself measures around 1.5 inches ... good luck finding a funnel large enough to allow the easy placement of sand. But fortunately I came across another review that said they used an upside down gallon jug. This worked perfectly! It is so easy to cut the bottom of the jug off, flip it upside down, and pour the sand down along the side of the container. I could do a 50 lbs bag in a few minutes each.The bag itself is a "blast" to work out on. This review is for the novice/beginner/person who just wants to get a good cardio workout. Now I know why amateur boxers wear out in a minute. Do some YouTube searches and you'll see some great workout ideas for basic kicks and punches. To prevent injury, I highly recommend wrapping your hands with boxer wraps, getting a decent pair of sparring gloves, and adding some shin guards to your lower legs and feet. The added cost is well worth it and your extremities will thank you for it.I hope that helps some, especially the milk jug idea.

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