Century Bob XL (With 8173 Base)
by Ironhouse Date Added: Wednesday 19 October, 2011
Lets get this out of the way, Bob is an extension of the action figures I had as a kid. I didn't realize it at first, but after using the Bob a few times I was amazed at how much more I enjoyed hitting him than a traditional punching bag (which I've had for years and barely used). I'm not a pro fighter, and don't ever plan on being in a fight, I'm an MMA fan, and more than that, a guy that likes to work out, and more than that, a guy that loved his action figures. For whatever subconscious reason I love working out with Bob, and beating the hell out of him, and I'm pretty sure it has something to do with him being a giant version of a G.I.Joe. Now to the Review.The Good:Realistic feel and appearance enhances the overall experience and helps with target striking. Also motivates use.Works great for MMA (punches, kicks, elbows, knees, etc) and straight Boxing, as well as ground n' pound.Adjustable height is nice (roughly 5-6.5 ft range). It helps you practice against a variety of opponent sizes. I went short to practice kicks until my flexibility improves, I went tall to practice punching a tall person (much harder than you would imagine).Easy to clean, marks from gloves, dirt, and blood wipe right off.Fits well in a small space.The Bad:Originally had the base filled with water. When striking it the water takes motion and Bob jumped around too much. I was throwing mostly light speedy strikes and the base still jumped an inch or two every few hits. When I went with power strikes I literally moved him 10 feet over 15 minutes of striking. Eventually I filled Bob with Silica Sand and saw a major improvement. He barely jumps around (although he does still a bit, but in a good realistic way as the manufacturer intended) and I'm able to throw much harder strikes. To fill the base with sand I recommend a funnel (the opening is about 2in around). When filled with Sand the base is extremely heavy so I recommend a dolly to move him. I was able to tip and roll him a short distance (a couple feet), but for longer moves a dolly would be ideal.Recommend putting him on a bad or rug so if he does bounce a bit it doesn't make noise or damage the floor.Overall I couldn't be happier. The product is motivating and works great. The only recommendation I have is re-shaping the base to reduce potential bouncing.

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