Wham-O 2127 World Class 175 Gram Ultimate Frisbee
by W. Dada Date Added: Friday 03 June, 2011
OK, admittedly I'm a disc-snob. I played Club Ultimate at the highest levels. Most people will find this Wham-O to be a fine "frisbee". In fact since you won't find Discrafts at Big-5 this is probably the best choice that many people have readily available to them. A 175g disc is the ideal weight. That said the Discraft is better than the Wham-O and here's why:1) The Discraft is stiffer on the edges where you grip for the forehand throw. This is important for accuracy on the flick as the flopsy Wham-O makes it hard to get that really tight grip you need for really ripping the flick. When I grab the Wham-O for the forehand my thumb just bends the crud out of the disc, with the Discraft it's much stiffer and that allows a more accurate throw with more spin and that means more distance.2) The Discraft is lower-profile and flies further. The Wham-O is more "domed" than the Discraft and will "hang" or "float" a little more but the Discraft will fly further.Then there's the fact that virtually all Ultimate tournaments are played with the Discraft, so if you're looking to learn ultimate get a Discraft. Otherwise you'll be learning to throw a disc that will be different than the one you'll use come tournament time. Given the subtleties of throwing discs I would have to say that this would be analogous to a Quarterback in football playing with a different size/weight football than he'd be using in the game, only even more so since footballs to not hang or curve when they are thrown.So in summary if you're a casual back-yard "BBQ" frisbee player this is a good disc, not great. But since you're already shopping online and the Discraft is both cheaper and better why not get the Discraft? You have have the advantage of more selection on-line than the local sporting goods store, so make the smart choice.Actually the Innova Pulsar 175g is also a fine disc, though you'll hardly see it. I'd choose the Innova over the Wham-O but would advise anyone to just get the Discraft.

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