50 Pieces GOGO Small Elegant Pocket Compass
by monstercatambush Date Added: Tuesday 17 May, 2011
I ordered up a batch of 50 of these to use as trade items in the game of geocaching. Frankly, I was prepared to get a box of total crap compasses. These turned out to be surprisingly sturdy and considerably bigger than expected. (About the size of a silver dollar) Also, each one is sealed in its own baggie, so I can carry several in my swag bag without them getting dinged up. The compass rose as well as the outer degree dial are crisply printed in a classic boyscout compass style. Would I try to orienteer through the Smokies with it? No. I have an expensive military lensatic compass for that kind of stuff. Are people (especially kids) tickled to find something this cool in a geocache? Yes, definitely. (And if you get right down to it, I bet I could use this thing along with a decent topo map to figure out where I am in a pinch.) I'll be ordering another batch of these when I start running low. I am very satisfied with the "bang for the buck" factor on this item, and the prompt delivery didn't hurt, either.Addendum: I'm now on my third batch of these things. I've looked around the internet but have not found a better quality compass for the money. At the time I purchased these they were a little less than $40 for 50 units. They're actually pretty darn accurate. I typically leave them as geocaching trade items. I recently conducted an intro to orienteering event in the Hoosier National forest. I made up around twenty laminated topo maps, and taped one of these (in the little baggies) to each map. Every participant was able to accurately hit the waypoints using the maps and these compasses. After this third batch is gone I'm sure I'll be getting a fourth.Thanks for a really decent product at a very reasonable price!

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