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Century Bob XL (With 8173 Base)

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Get realistic training with BOB, the Body Opponent Bag. BOB XL has a longer torso than the original BOB, giving you more striking surface for body shots and kicks. Base fills with water or sand and is rounded for easy relocation. Features height adjustments from 60 inches to 82 inches tall. Approximately 270 lbs. with base filled with water. One year limited warranty.

The back of the product is not considered to be the primary striking surface, and is not intended to take blows like the front is. It is not padded the same way. Kicking it in the back will reduce the life expectancy of the product.

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Customer Reviews
Date Added: Sunday 05 December, 2010
The BobXl is a great training partner for solo practice. I posted a picture of a green funnel to the images above. This funnel is large and can be found for $5 at your local Auto Zone and probably elsewhere. I purchased 250 lbs. of play sand from my local Lowes and the green funnel. I taped around the funnel and the BobXL post to keep the funnel in place and cut a diagonal opening into the bags of sand. The sand pours right in with a fast flow rate. Do not use the little filter that comes with the funnel..just leave the funnel hole wide open and it is a very easy job. If you are looking for a punching partner the BOBXL from Century is the way to go. I do wonder exactly how much sand you should use to fill the base?? I have read many places on the web that says to fill it with 270 lbs. but the manual from Century Fitness says to fill the base with 230 lbs. of sand and do not use more than 230 lbs. The entire unit weighs about 270 lbs. once it is filled. Even with 230 lbs. of sand the base will hold more but I decided not to put more than Century suggested in the manual.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Sunday 14 November, 2010
First, it is great to attack ribs, solar plex, jaw, etc when striking. It feels almost human like to strike and having a head allows for upper cuts and upward elbow shots not posible with other units. The neck is pretty strong and the chin feels good on the fist or elbow. The head and neck allows for holding for great knee strikes to the mid section and ribs. As for filling, do not use wet sand or it will take all day to fill. I used 1 bag of wet play ground sand and stopped because it was taking for ever to fill. My wife suggested I get dry tube sand from home depot. With a 1 gallon plastic water bottle with the botton cut out, I could pour the bag in 1 minute. My wife held the bottle and I poured a 60 Lb bag in 1 minute. Do the math for 240 LBS.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Wednesday 03 November, 2010
In order to save time and still have a great work out, I created a bedroom into a gym. I used to love hitting the bag at my local gym and since I no longer went there, I decided to buy a B.O.B. Hitting B.O.B feels good, getting aggression out and breaking a sweat. It does what I needed it to do so for that it gets 3 stars. The only issues I have is weighing it down with sand and also the noise it makes when I hit it hard. Trying to put sand in the B.O.B, was a mess and took about 3 hours. It has a small hole which you need to funnel in four 50lbs sand bags. Until I got my rhythm and proper method it was just time consuming. The noise come from me hitting the bag so hard it lifts up a bit and slams down on the floor. Unfortunately I live on a third floor apt so my concern for my neighbors downstairs makes me hesitate hitting it hard. I added a workout mat which helps reduce the noise. I work out in the morning and it's been 3 weeks and no complaints, which is good. I wouldn't recommend working out in the evening if you live in the same situations as I do. Unless you hate your neighbors. Overall B.O.B. is a good buy just expect to spend sometime preparing it.
Rating: [3 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Monday 13 September, 2010
I have two issues, first issue: like a prior reviewer I also received the base and had to wait an additional week for the X-large top, that being said, I do have to admit that the customer service was quick and helpful in their response once contacted. Second issue: the head is a little softer than I would have liked, it yields too easily to semi-hard punches and kicks, granted I don't need to punch a brick but something that simulates the density (at least partially) of an actual head would be nice. When practicing full contact the heavy bag still wins out, but this product cannot be beat for pin point training accuracy. It is a great addition to any gym it definitely beats drawing a head and body on a heavy bag. I would also like to mention that filling the base with sand is the way to go, it will still wobble and give you an initial fright that it will tip over, so I can't imagine what would happen with its base filled with water. Despite the above mentioned issues I still like the X-large body opponent so much that I am giving it 4 out of the 5 stars. It is truly great for combinations once you get used to the soft head
Rating: [4 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Wednesday 25 August, 2010
Despite not being a traditional heavy bag, this thing takes some serious abuse and without wobble problems. The shape makes it different from a normal heavy bag by forcing you to be more accurate with your strikes. The fact that it's adjustable means you can practice on opponents of different heights.The only drawbacks: you cannot throw leg kicks; the base makes knee strikes too awkward; he is so barrel-chested that it makes uppercuts difficult; and your hands get torn up after a few rounds if you're not wearing gloves (especially closed-fist hooks and liver shots).I've been practicing with Bob XL for 2 weeks, and I love it. The benefit of training with a realistic opponent outweighs any disadvantages it has compared to heavy bags, although it's best to practice on both. I leave the base in the back yard (230 lbs of sand), and keep Bob inside when he's not being used. My friends like to play dress up with him. For an accompanying fitness program, I recommend Bas Rutten's MMA Workout.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
Date Added: Tuesday 17 August, 2010
Same problem here. Received the bottom only, body was missing. Staples were removed from one side of the box and opened part was fixed with tape. Shipping weight on the UPS label was only 18 lbs instead of 47 lbs in product description.1 star because manufacturer should improve the package (make it partly transparent for example) to avoid part theft by dealers.
Rating: [1 of 5 Stars!]
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