Century Xxl Wavemaster W/ Scoring Zones

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by Antonio Green Date Added: Thursday 10 January, 2013

This is a great bag for working out. I am diabetic, and when I added this bag to my routine for about 10 minutes a day, it really helped to lower my blood sugar levels. It is very well made and sturdy. I have seen reviews about the bag moving as if it were a bad thing, but it really isn't. The bags is not just for punching , but also for kicking. When you use your body behind whatever stike you do, the bag will move, but not a lot. After all it has a fill weight of about 200 lbs. One word of advice, be sure to put this bag on a surface that does not have a room underneath it. I placed mine in the garage, which is well suited for allow that bag to move without tearing up your house. Hope this helps.Also, I did want to note that this product comes in two boxes, one that holds the bag, and the other one holds the base. There were a couple of time when I order this bag and only received the bag itself, and not the base. So if this happens to you, just let them know that they forgot to ship the base. I guess, on their inventory screen it doesn't show that the product ships in two boxes.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Robert Street Date Added: Wednesday 04 July, 2012

Sturdy construction and the targets really allow you to work some accuracy into your drills. While not a replacement for a heavy bag, if weighed down properly, it's pretty close. For those looking to fill with sand, you can get just shy of 200lbs of sand into the base which will keep the bag itself steady through most punching and just about any kick at the stomach or below. You'll get some mobility at head height round kicks (5'10"-6' range), but no more so than you get on a heavy bag when hitting low. Overall, this is a great alternative for those who need something to work with at him, but don't have the place for a full heavy bag.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
by C. Backowski "acback12" Date Added: Friday 24 June, 2011

I love this bag, and it was exactly what I was looking for. It is heavy, didn't require installation, doesn't shake my house when I want to box in my basement during naptime (like hanging bags do), and provides both kicking and punching room. I love the scoring zones, which I use as targets for different kicks and punches. It wasn't that difficult to fill. It's the right ratio of firm-to-soft for me to use with various glove thicknesses.One slight downfall (which doesn't make me love it less but is true to other reviews) is this: I am a moderately strong, 5'1" girl, and I can push this thing around if I beat it too hard. Even after filling it to capacity with sand, I had to place it on a non-slip pad AND back it up against a pole in the basement to keep it from sliding around. Just something to consider. Personally, I love it, it does what I wanted it for, and I would definitely purchase this again.For those interested, if you Google this item, there is a website that cells a DVD with workouts for this particular bag.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Triston Date Added: Monday 04 April, 2011

For me, this item is just okay. I'm use to hitting a 100 lbs heavy bang that's hung off the wall and I love my workouts. Now that I have the Wavemaster XXL, I hardly workout with it. You will find your jabs and punches will not be solid because the Wavemaster will move. This item is good for kick boxing with little punching. If you are a striker that likes to utilize a lot of punches, then I would stick to a heavy that that's hung.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]
by J. Bennett "Scorsese Fan 307" Date Added: Thursday 24 March, 2011

I like it, but I do not love it. It was the alternative to cutting holes in the basement ceiling or bolting a steel tower (for a traditional heavy bag) to the floor. My one criticism (which may be the fault of physics) is that the Wavemaster XXL moves around too much. With 4-5 punches it "jumps" a few feet away from your hits. With kicks I need to push it against a couch to prevent drastic jumps across the room (after a few kicks). I did break crack an electrical outlet and luckily not a hole into drywall.I filled it with water and the gel stuff used for portable basketball hoops and patio umbrella stands. With 25-30 gallons of water and the gel it must be a 300lb base. That all said it is much more sturdy than the smaller versions I've seen at sporting good stores. The other annoying movement is that the bag itself unscrews from the base as a result of the shaking and jumping of the unit. You need to re-screw the bag into the base every 5 minutes or so. After a few uses I have learned to not kick or punch super hard. All in all I expected something more sturdy with less movement for $300, but hopefully my technique will improve with more controlled strikes. Also, I would rather pay $300 once than $25-30 per class at the local kickboxing places. I don't want to totally rag on it, because it does seem pretty good quality (with a couple flaws). I had seen reviews about how it moves around, but wanted badly to have something to kick in my basement.I am 6'2" @ 206lbs and use the back as a cardio-conditioning tool to supplement my martial arts training. Maybe for those under 170lbs it won't move quite as much. Hope this helps.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]
by S. Anand "confused" Date Added: Tuesday 15 March, 2011

Love this heavy bag. Works well with water in base. But it moves around incessantly even filled to the top with water. Best solution I have found is the following: 1. Place unit next to a wall on top of a yoga mat. 2. Get another yoga mat and fold it in half or third. Then place half of this mat under the plastic base and allow the other half of the mat to sit between the plastic base and the wall. 3. Push the unit against the wall. This stabilized the unit; even with forceful striking of the bag it moves very little. Also the mat portion between the wall and the base keeps the wall from being damaged. I use this for 'The Pit" workout. It is killing me but I love it. Will get stronger with time. Benefits to my upper body are extraordinary. Good luck.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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