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  • Opentip Rewards

    You earn 5% from referrels when someone clicks through your personal link and completes a purchase.

    If you genuinely like or the product, share it with your friends or social networks. If someone purchases it from your referral, you will get 5% reward from that order. The link you share here already includes the code to identify you as a referrer. You can log in to see how many clicks you generate and how much reward you have earned. Sharing great discovery with your friends is a good deed. They will thank you for that.

    Please note:
    1. There's no limit to how many rewards you can earn
    2. If someone purchases it from your referral, You will get rewards after their purchase (after any discounts, gift cards, or other credits are applied) ships.
    3. When you post to social media sites from, your posts will be treated according to any preferences and/or permissions you may have set on those sites
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